The Real Dragon Chapter 4983

        He wanted very much to know just who Charlie wade was and just how he had grasped such deep secrets.

        But, in the end, he did not get his wish.

        Because his life, after a painful struggle with his expression, had completely drawn to a close.

        Charlie wade threw his corpse aside without the slightest mercy, then looked at the seven remaining people and coldly said, “I believe that you people shouting that you are willing to sacrifice everything for the Ying Lord, but in your bones, you should be just like that group of dead soldiers, full of hatred for that Ying Lord that none of you have ever seen, right?”

        When Charlie wade said this, all seven of them had very complicated expressions.

        Hatred, that was naturally there.

        Moreover, it was a bone-deep hatred, a blood-deep hatred!

        Their ancestors, for as long as a hundred years, had to be reduced to being a*sa*sins bred by this organization, living a life without seeing the light of day every day. Although they later took a step upwards with their efforts, how could they forget that kind of hatred that was engraved in their bones.

        At this point, Charlie wade continued: “I am giving you a chance, not a chance to live, but a chance to take revenge! As long as you are able to return to the fold and tell me everything you know, I promise you here that I will definitely avenge your companions and your ancestors!”

        Hearing these words, the seven people’s expressions instantly flinched.

        And Charlie wade’s super strength made them understand that it would definitely be difficult for the seven of them to escape death today, and if they could help Charlie wade fulfil his promise to annihilate the organisation before they died, it would be a great deed for all the dead soldiers who had pa*sed away, as well as the current ones and their descendants!

        Thinking of this, one of them knelt on the ground with a poof and choked up, “Sir, ask me whatever you want to know, I will tell you everything!”

        Seeing this, the other six men immediately knelt down with him and said in a loud voice, “I will tell you everything!”

        Charlie wade nodded and asked, “First question, where exactly is your base?”

        The man who knelt down first spoke, “Our base is near the port city of Lima*sol in Cyprus, a copper mine called Candace.”

        “A copper mine?” Charlie wade frowned and continued to ask, “Is this copper mine operated by your organisation? Describe the specifics inside!”

        The man hurriedly said, “The copper mine is operated by the Primus Guards themselves, there are more than two hundred Primus Guards in total, the copper mine is closed and managed, these two hundred people live and train inside, in addition, at the bottom of the copper mine just a few hundred meters deep, there are complex alleys with a total length of more than eighty kilometres, there are also more than eight hundred dead soldiers and their families living there.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “Then your usual main task is to guard these dead soldiers?”

        “Right.” The man said without thinking, “Guarding and managing the dead soldiers is our main job, but we are also usually ordered to go out on missions, like today’s case, it was a sudden incident, and we were asked to organise eight of our best men to come over immediately, and before we left, we were also given inverted models, so that we could disguise ourselves as stevedores when we arrived. “

        Charlie wade continued to ask, “What is the target of your mission this time?”

        The man turned around and pointed to a tense looking old man and young man not far away and busied himself, “The goal of our mission is to bring them both to Sweden alive, where there will be a plane waiting for us.”

        Charlie wade pursued, “What about after we get to Sweden? Where is your next destination?”

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