The Real Dragon Chapter 4982

Charlie wade’s words filled with teasing and mockery caused that commanding officer’s entire being to be filled with resentment.

        Holding on to his last ounce of strength, he gritted his teeth and said, “Lord Ying …… Lord Ying will definitely take revenge for me!”

        Charlie wade grunted and said disdainfully, “I can see that like those dead soldiers, you also have that deadly drug in your body that kicks in periodically, and without an antidote within a week, you will definitely die, right?”

        When that commanding officer heard this, his eyes were horrified.

        He did not know how Charlie wade could see the hidden toxin in his body.

        Charlie wade ignored his shock and just continued to sneer, “You are no different from those dead soldiers, you are both donkeys pulling the mill for Lord Ying, and the only thing that makes you better than the dead soldiers is that you don’t have to be blindfolded by black cloth like the dead soldiers.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade suddenly remembered something and said with a smile, “If I’m right, you or your fathers should have climbed up from the dead soldiers, right?”

        “Because of your more desperate performance, Lord Ying gave you a ladder of ascension, gave you the title of so-called primus inter pares, so that you could remove the black cloth covering your eyes, and you or your fathers were thus deeply moved and inspired, thinking that you had completed the leap in rank, but in reality, you were still closely controlled by this organisation, and apart from carrying out the tasks they You have no freedom other than to carry out the tasks they give you and to continue to fight to make the next cla*s leap, right?”

        “Let me guess, a primus like you might be some kind of so-called guide further up the ladder, and at that time, you might be able to have a chance to get an identity in the real world, and then be placed to live in the real world, completing deep layouts in various regions and fields for this organisation, right?”

        After being in contact with Li Yalin for some time, Charlie wade’s logical and analytical ability, too, had improved considerably.

        Before tonight, he only knew how those dead soldiers of Five-Four-Seven operated.

        But at that time, Five-Four-Seven had said that there were only two ways for their shadowy dead soldiers to get rid of their destiny, either to die or to work their way up the ladder.

        Any shrewd manager would not choose a flat management style, he would definitely plan out a long ladder of upward mobility for those who sell their lives under him, and then let them grit their teeth and work their way up.

        Just like those big Internet companies, some are P1 to P14, some are T1 to T17, some are M1 to M9, in short, they must let the people under their hands have a head start.

        So, even the lowest level of deadwood must have an upward path.

        Tonight, he had learned about the new title of Primus from the conversations of these men, and combined with the fact that their main task was also to sell their lives, and that they also had deadly toxins in their bodies and deadly fangs in their mouths, he could deduce that they were not much better than the dead soldiers.

        As for the word “guide”, Charlie wade had also heard about it from the mouth of Five Four Seven.

        Although he was not sure whether his aunt-in-law, who had taken poison and committed suicide, was a guide or not, he could logically deduce that guides should live in the real world.

        For example, this mysterious organisation’s guide in New York must live somewhere in New York and have a reasonable and legitimate identity, as well as relatively strong local resources.

        Only then would he or she have the qualifications of a qualified guide.

        It was like going out on a trip and looking for a ground agent who was familiar with the local area to arrange the reception.

        At this moment, when that commanding officer heard Charlie wade’s series of analyses, although his entire person could not speak, the eyes he looked at Charlie wade were filled with shock and fear.

        He did not expect that Charlie wade had actually mapped out the external structure of their organisation!

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