The Real Dragon Chapter 4985

        “Right.” The man said approvingly, “The vast majority of our jobs are similar to prison guards, and we are also prison guards in labour prisons, and we usually have to supervise those dead soldiers carrying out mining operations down the well.”

        Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “The copper mine is still producing?”

        “Yes.” The man explained, “The copper mine was bought from the Cypriot government through a legal process and with legal funds;”

        “Since this is itself a copper mine that has been in production for many years, the organisation could not let it shut down because that would definitely arouse suspicion from the outside world, so after the organisation bought the copper mine, it claimed to have invested $500 million in upgrading and expanding this copper mine to the outside world;”

        “When we say renovation and expansion, it is actually mainly about building areas at the bottom of the copper mine that can be used for us and our dead soldiers to live and train, at the same time, the copper mine also retains a few working surfaces that are worked by the dead soldiers and their families on a rotational basis during weekdays to ensure the normal production of the copper mine.”

        “To the outside world, we have a total of over two hundred employees in this copper mine, but in reality, none of the two hundred of us work, and it is the dead soldiers and their families living below who are really responsible for the mining work;”

        “They just need to make sure that there are more than a hundred people responsible for the mining work every day, our production capacity will be up to normal standards and the outside world will not get suspicious.”

        Charlie wade frowned, “But you are still holding more than a thousand dead soldiers and their families, this scale is at least several thousand people, so many people have to rely on imports for food and drink, if you import a large amount of food supplies beyond the needs of your two hundred people for a long time, won’t the outside world get suspicious?”

        “No.” The man explained further, “This copper mine we are in is right on the coast, with its own wharf, and all supplies are dispatched and transported by sea, and all the copper ore dug out is sold to the outside world by sea as normal;”

        “And our copper ore, is sold in packages to one of our copper refineries in Turkey, which is also an organised enterprise, so every time they send a ship in for copper ore, they carry a lot of food supplies into the country;”

        “What’s more, a small country like Cyprus with a not-so-good economy has a relatively much more chaotic and corrupt internal management, so we have bought off the Cypriot customs and won’t do any checks on the ships coming in and out, so this ensures that we have an abundance of supplies that can be brought in unobtrusively.”

        Charlie wade did not expect that this organisation could even form a closed loop for the sale of copper ore, and while marvelling, he asked him, “Do you know the name of that copper refinery in Turkey?”

        “Yes!” The man said without thinking, “The name of the copper refinery is Isthmir.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded gently, thinking in his heart, “Having mastered the copper mine located in Cyprus, as well as the copper refinery located in Turkey, the mastery of the clues about this mysterious organization has increased by a few more points,.”

        He then asked, “Apart from that, what else do you know about this organisation?”

        The man pondered for a moment and said, “I’m not going to lie, our information channels are also very limited. On the surface, we seem to be much freer than the dead soldiers, but we are actually more like prisoners held on the ground. The vast majority of our time is spent inside the mine, and occasionally we go out on missions.”

        Charlie wade nodded slightly, and then looked behind the seven people, the extraordinarily nervous old man and young woman.

        He saw that the girl was only 17 or 18 years old, so he left his gaze on the old man and spoke, “Old man, may I ask, what exactly is your relationship with this organisation? Why did they go to such lengths to take you away?”

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