The Real Dragon Chapter 4986

“Ah …… I ……”

        Suddenly being asked by Charlie wade, that old man looked very nervous for a while.

        He stammered and did not know what to do or what to say, and could only subconsciously look up at the young girl beside him.

        Seeing this, the young girl hurriedly said, “Grandpa …… I’ve come to this point, you should tell this gentleman the truth!”

        “I ……” The old man did not expect the young girl to say this, and for a moment he was even more at a loss as to what to do.

        After all, he was only a slave beside the young lady, and he could understand when the young lady called himself grandfather in public; he could hear the meaning of the young lady’s words, that she wanted to pretend to have a grandfather-son relationship with herself.

        However, the lady now suddenly wants to ask himself to tell the truth, this makes himself confused.

        For he did not know how to tell the truth.

        The young girl took advantage of the fact that the old man hadn’t yet shown his courage and hurriedly grabbed a step ahead of him and said to Charlie wade, “This gentleman, my grandfather he is still a bit undecided, so why don’t I explain it to you.”

        Charlie wade did not see the strangeness between the young girl and the old man, and seeing that the young girl was willing to tell the reason, he nodded his head and said, “Young lady, please speak.”

        The young girl couldn’t help but purse her lips and then spoke, “Actually, the reason why this gang wants to capture me and my grandfather is because the person behind them wants a treasure that my father left behind.”

        “A treasure?” Hearing this, Charlie wade could not help but frown and asked with some surprise, “What treasure is worthy of their Ying Lord going to such lengths to get it even?”

        Although Charlie wade did not know who that Ying Lord’s surname was, nor did he know just how strong that Ying Lord was, he could still get a glimpse of it through the little he knew about this organisation so far.

        In his opinion, the combined strength of this mysterious organisation was definitely above his own, and even the An Family would be played by them.

        Therefore, Charlie wade speculated that the strength of this mysterious organisation would not be inferior to the Rothschild family, which was currently ranked number one in the world.

        It was even possible that it was much more powerful than the Rothschild family.

        It was because he knew that the other party was very powerful that Charlie wade wondered how such a high and mighty person could grab something from an old man and a young grandparent.

        When that young girl saw that Charlie wade had some doubts, she slightly due for a moment and took out a palm-sized incense bag from her close clothing.

        Then, with her slender white hand, she took out an inconspicuous bronze-coloured ring from the incense bag.

        And the moment that ring was taken out of the scented bag, Charlie wade felt a very rare, yet very familiar feeling.

        This immediately made him realise that this tiny ring was, like his own Thunderstorm Order and Soul Piercing Blade, also a magic weapon!

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