The Real Dragon Chapter 4987

        This was also the first time that Charlie wade had seen a magic weapon in the true sense of the word in someone else’s hands!

        He thought that this young girl also possessed aura like himself, so he subconsciously dispensed some of his aura to quietly check the young girl out.

        However, after some probing, he did not find any trace of aura on this young girl’s body.

        In other words, this young girl definitely did not have aura and could not be of the same path as Charlie wade.

        So, Charlie wade couldn’t help but ask her, “Little girl, this ring, what exactly is its origin?”

        The young girl said quietly, “This ring was left to me by my father.”

        Charlie wade asked again, “Then did your father tell you that this ring has any special features?”

        “No.” The young girl said seriously, “My father only said that this ring was extraordinary and that I must keep it safe and not let it fall into the wrong hands.”

        After saying that, she looked down and pondered for a moment, then suddenly looked up at Charlie wade and said in a resolute tone, “This gentleman, if you can let my grandfather and I live today, I would like to give you this ring, as it won’t be of any use in my hands anyway, and it always attracts trouble. I’ll give it to you and then grandpa and I will find a safe place to live in seclusion.

        The old man at the side was speechless with shock, and he looked at the young girl with wide eyes, telling her with his eyes not to be so impulsive.

        But then the young girl gave a bitter smile and said to him, “Grandfather, this is something that we are not capable of guarding, and if we stay, not only will we not be able to protect it, but it will probably be snatched away by the bad people.”

        Saying so, she said firmly, “Instead of that, we should give it to this gentleman! I see that this gentleman has a kind face, he will definitely not let it fall into the wrong path, and this gentleman is so powerful that he will also be able to protect this ring!”

        Charlie wade asked her curiously, “Little girl, since your father explained to you that you must not let it fall into the wrong hands, are you not afraid that I am a wrongdoer?”

        “Not afraid.” The young girl shook her head and said seriously, “I believe that you are definitely not here for this ring, and you appeared in the nick of time, and although I dare not say that you are all here to save me and grandpa, I believe that this reason at least accounts for part of it, so I can be sure that you are definitely not a bad person.”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly without denying it, and then looked at the ring in her hand.

        To be honest, Charlie wade did have a few yearnings for this ring.

        This was, after all, the first time he had seen a magic weapon in someone else’s hands, so he was curious to know what special effects it had.

        So, he said to the young girl, “Good! I promise you!”

        With that, he turned his words and added, “But before I promise you, I have one more thing to explain to you.”

        The young girl was busy saying, “Please speak, sir!”

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