The Real Dragon Chapter 4990

       “Mm.” Charlie wade nodded and instructed, “In that case, let’s hurry up and set off.”

        “Good!” The man led the other six to stand up, and the seven bowed deeply to Charlie wade in unison before he said, “Sir, then we will set off first and head to the highest peak of Aosu City to wait for your next instructions!”

        Soon, the seven men who had been pardoned by Charlie wade quickly left the country house and drove the van they had come in to Osu City.

        Charlie wade then looked at the two grandparents and grandchildren in front of him and said indifferently, “Both of you, I am going to make some adjustments to your memories, you will wake up in ten minutes and by then you will have forgotten everything that happened tonight, I hope that you will not think so much about it then and grab the time to leave Northern Europe and find the safest place to settle down.”

        Both the young girl and the old man agreed without thinking, the young girl looked at Charlie wade with a different look in her eyes and said, “My name is Lin Wan’er, I wonder what your name is?”

        Charlie wade said casually, “Little girl, what is my name, you don’t need to ask after me, after all, soon you won’t remember me.”

        Lin Wan’er looked at Charlie wade and said firmly and seriously, “Not remembering is not remembering, but at least one can still remember at some point in time.”

        Saying that, she looked at Charlie wade and asked rhetorically, “Since I will soon forget, what concerns do you have, sir?”

        Charlie wade hesitated slightly for a moment, and then, without thinking too much, said frankly, “My name is Charlie wade.”

        “Charlie wade ……” The young girl repeated it, nodded gently and asked curiously, “Mr. Wade should be a Chinese, right?”

        Charlie wade nodded and said blandly, “That’s right.”

        The young girl smiled faintly and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, I will try to remember your kindness, and if there is still a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you twice as much.”

        Charlie wade gently waved his hand and said unconcernedly, “No need, I saved you and your grandfather, you gave me a ring, we are clear, I hope that the two of you, grandfather and grandson, will be safe in the future.”

        After he said that, he waved his hand, and some spiritual energy was transferred into their bodies.

        The old man lost consciousness almost instantly, and Lin Wan’er also closed her eyes immediately afterwards.

        When Charlie wade saw that they had lost consciousness, he used his aura to erase their memories, then he walked out of the country house alone and quickly left the place and returned to Helena’s palace in Bergen.

        Ten minutes after he left, the old man was the first to wake up.

        When he saw the mess in front of him, and a strange corpse, he was shocked, and when he saw that his lady was also lying unconscious on the desk, he rushed forward and shouted nervously, “Miss!”

        Lin Wan’er suddenly opened her eyes, she looked at the old man, smiled faintly and spoke, “You are awake.”

        The old man said in a panic, “Miss, I …… I remember you told me to arrange for someone to pack up and leave Scandinavia as soon as possible, but I don’t know how I fell unconscious, and …… And I feel as if a part of my memory is missing ……”

        Lin Wan’er nodded and said lightly, “It feels like there is a missing part of your memory because someone has erased your memory.”

        The old man listened dumbfounded and said offhandedly, “Can someone really erase someone else’s memories?”

        Lin Wan’er hmmed and sighed, “Yes, and he tried to erase my memories along with it.”

        Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er suddenly smiled cheekily and smacked her lips, “Tsk …… But it’s a pity, he failed!”

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