The Real Dragon Chapter 4991

When the old man heard Lin Wan’er’s words, he hurriedly asked after her, “Miss, does that person know that he has failed?”

        Lin Wan’er shook her head, “Of course he doesn’t know, otherwise, how would he let us go so easily?”

        Hearing this, the old man could not help but sigh, “It seems that even the most skillful tactics are of little use in your body, young lady.”

        Lin Wan’er sighed despondently and said ruefully, “My father has left me few skills, this is one of them, I guess.”

        After saying this, she said to the old man, “Go and pack up your things, don’t want anything else except the necessary things.”

        The old man nodded respectfully and turned to leave the study.

        After the old man left, Lin Wan’er took out a modest wooden spirit tablet from the drawer of her desk, on which were written eight large characters: the spirit tablet of her late father, Lin Chiru.

        Lin Wan’er looked at the spirit tablet carefully and said in a low voice: “Father, my daughter is unfilial. The ring that you left me at your death’s door was given to someone else. In his hands, the ring should be able to bring out its true effectiveness.”

        He said, “Father, Charlie wade and we have the same enemy, and it seems that he is still in the shadows, so maybe in the future he can kill our common enemy and fulfill your last wish!”

        Then, Lin Wan’er fell into silence.

        She couldn’t help but recall that the ring had once made a sword call in Charlie wade’s hand, and that sword call was crisp and haunting.

        With this in mind, she secretly made a decision and then put the spirit tablet and the nine coins on the table into her backpack, and walked out of the study.

        Outside the villa, the old man was packing up his things.

        He dragged some unnecessary things out of one of the cars, one after another, and finally sorted out two large boxes.

        Minus Lin Wan’er coming out, the old man hurriedly went forward and asked, “Miss, your blue and white porcelain, do you still have it with you?”

        Lin Wan’er hesitated for a moment and sighed softly, “I’d better take it with me, after all, it’s a Chinese thing, if I leave it here, it might be ruined by someone who doesn’t understand.”

        Saying that, she added, “Take all the blue and white porcelain that has been packed away, when you return to China, you can donate it to the museum.”

        The old man asked, full of surprise, “Miss, aren’t you going to the Far East in Russia? We have a stable and safe industry there, and going there is less likely to be found than returning to China.”

        Lin Wan’er shook her head and said indifferently, “I’m not going to Russia, I’m going to China to find that Mr. Wade today, he’s a man, he must be very interesting.”

        The old man couldn’t help but say, “Miss, there are 1.4 billion people in the huge China, where are we going to find the Mr. Wade you mentioned?”

        Lin Wan’er said, “Mr. Wade speaks Mandarin very well, his words are correct and his pronunciation is accurate, you can hardly hear any traces of accent, so I presume that he is most likely from the north, and most likely Eastcliff or several provinces and cities around Eastcliff, when the time comes, let’s fly to Eastcliff first and look for clues in Eastcliff.”

        “Good!” The old man nodded, “Then let’s go to Eastcliff!”


        After Charlie wade returned to Bergen Airport and retrieved his car, he followed the same route back to Helena’s palace.

        During this journey, his mind had been on that strange ring.

        So, while holding the steering wheel in his left hand, he kept clutching the ring in his right hand, rubbing it in his hand and releasing some aura into it, trying to figure out the real purpose of this thing.

        There was a strong mutual attraction between this ring and the aura, but the strange thing was that the aura was not transformed into it, which made Charlie wade’s heart very surprised.

        According to the law of conservation of energy, energy is a kind of existence that can neither appear nor disappear out of thin air.

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