The Real Dragon Chapter 4995

In fact, to Charlie wade, sleep had long been dispensable.

        Even if he hadn’t slept all the time, his body wouldn’t feel exhausted.

        However, just now, he had transferred a large amount of spiritual energy into that ring, and even after taking a cultivation pill, he had only been able to fully replenish it. Such a rapid consumption of spiritual energy had really made his body feel a bit tired.

        Seeing Charlie wade’s weary face, Helena hurriedly said, “Mr Wade, please follow me.”

        As the palace was in a state of disrepair, there were only a few rooms readily available for occupancy, and Helena, not knowing exactly what she was driven by, took Charlie wade directly to his own bedroom in this palace.

        Charlie wade was new to this place and did not know much about the internal structure and distribution of this palace, plus his body was feeling rare and weary, so he followed Helena to that bedroom.

        This was the largest bedroom in the palace, or to be more precise, it should be a large suite.

        Every piece of furniture, ornament and even the flooring and chandeliers were at least a hundred years old. The cla*sical beauty of Scandinavia was artistic, but after all, it was old and poorly maintained, and the room carried a musty smell that was difficult to remove.

        Helena had been in the suite for half the night and had got used to the smell, but when she went out and came back in, it became very noticeable again.

        She could not help but frown slightly and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry Mr. Wade, the room smells musty, apart from being a bit old, it might also be related to the rainy weather here in Bergen.”

        Charlie wade laughed casually, “No matter, it’s good enough.”

        Helena bowed slightly, pointed to the bedroom inside and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, the bedroom is inside, you can rest for a while first!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “You don’t need to mind me, I’ll squint a little and think about something in the meantime, if I’m not up before noon, please come and call me.”

        “Yes!” Helena nodded her head respectfully and agreed, then pursed her vermilion lips slightly and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, let me help you tidy up the bed couch, the bed couch in this bedroom is still untidy and a bit messy.”

        Charlie wade was a little surprised, and before he could ask, Helena hurriedly stepped into the bedroom first.

        Charlie wade followed her to the bedroom, only to find that on the wide bed, the quilt had been lifted halfway, and the bedskirt was slightly crumpled, obviously a sign that someone had slept there.

        Moreover, the room smelled faintly ethereal, exactly the same as the perfume on Helena’s body.

        This made him ask her, “Helena, is this your bedroom?”

        Helena blushed with shame and stammered, “Sorry Mr. Wade, most of the rooms here have been dusty for too long and are really not suitable to be used for guests, only this room is quite decent, so it’s hard for you to rest here. Please don’t mind ……”

        Charlie wade shook his head, “I don’t mind, it’s just that if I sleep here, it’s not like I’m occupying a nest, and it will also affect your rest.”

        “No no.” Helena waved her hand without thinking, “I’m already awake, you can rest, I’ll sit outside on the sofa for a while and then go down.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade did not insist any further.

        No one could have imagined that Helena, the Scandinavian empress who had attracted the attention of the whole world and made all the powerful and noble people compete for her attention, would willingly tidy up Charlie wade’s bed for him like a personal maid.

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