The Real Dragon Chapter 4996

        Helena never thought about what she, as an empress, should or should not do.

        She only knew that when facing Charlie wade, she could put aside all the pride and reserve of an empress and willingly do anything for him.

        Besides, at this moment, her restless heart was happy and ashamed at the thought that Charlie wade was about to sleep in this bed that she had just slept in.

        After Helena helped Charlie wade tidy up the bed, she said with a respectful face, “Mr. Wade, please rest first, and if you need anything, please feel free to let me know.”

        “Okay, thanks.” Charlie wade smiled and nodded his head, and after saying thank you, he watched Helena exit the room.

        Afterwards, Charlie wade washed up in the bathroom in the room, somewhat tiredly took off his clothes and placed them neatly on the bench at the end of the bed, with the exception of his underwear all over his body, except for the ring, which he clutched in his palm.

        Immediately afterwards, he lay down on the bed, which was still warm and had a lingering fragrance.

        When he thought that the warmth and fragrance came from the beautiful Helena, Charlie wade was in a trance and in a trance.

        However, when he thought of the dumb ring in his hand, Charlie wade could not help but feel some pain in his heart.

        He put the ring on his fingertips and kept turning it around, hesitating, but he couldn’t help but put some more spiritual energy into it.

        As a result, as usual, the ring did not show anything other than a buzzing sound, which seemed to tell him that he had received his feelings.

        Charlie wade was instantly a little annoyed again.

        Was he letting a ring scam him?

        How could this D*mn thing be as shameless as those fraudulent pig killing trays on the internet and fraudulent online gambling?

        Even those pig killers in northern Burma who scam people on the internet while being electrocuted and trembling with their fingers pretending to be beautiful or rich, would at least be extremely caring and warm to their targets while scamming them.

        In comparison, this ring’s professional conduct was worse than even a scammer.

        However, Charlie wade couldn’t help but be a little on top of things.

        In his mind, he thought, “Could it be that I opened the ring in the wrong way?”

        Thinking of this, he immediately put the ring on the middle finger of his left hand, and then sent some spiritual energy into it to see if it had to be worn on top of his finger to trigger it.

        However, even though he had already put the ring on his finger, the ring was still as shameless as usual.

        Seeing that a lot of aura had been taken away again, Charlie wade was really angry.

        But when he thought that he had invested so much spiritual energy, it would be unbearable to just give up.

        After all, he was dealing with a ring, not some insatiable internet scammer.

        Thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and continued to rea*sure himself, “Maybe it’s the wrong finger to wear? Try again with another finger!”

        As the ring just wouldn’t fit into his thumb, Charlie wade tried it on all the other eight fingers in turn.

        After trying it, he was so angry that his entire mind had completely collapsed.

        This D*mn thing was really just like those pig killers, eating people without spitting out their bones.

        The purpose of the pig killers is to squeeze every penny out of their victims, while the purpose of this ring is perhaps to squeeze every bit of aura out of oneself ……

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