The Real Dragon Chapter 5000

  Helena’s voice was soft with a touch of sadness.

        Only, Charlie wade, who was sleeping in front of her eyes, still had no response.

        At this moment, Charlie wade was almost completely cut off from the outside world.

        And when Helena saw that Charlie wade did not respond half-heartedly, the sadness in her heart was suddenly magnified rapidly.

        The tears in her eyes as she looked at Charlie wade were now linked in a thread.

        She gently stroked Charlie wade’s face and choked in a low voice: “I can see that from the first day I met you, you have been distancing yourself from me, and in your heart, I must be a very realistic, very profit-seeking, and even a woman who will do anything to get to the top ……”

        “If I had just had S*x with you without you knowing anything about it, while being lucky enough to carry your child, you must have looked down on me even more in your heart, right?”

        “You might even be discriminating and prejudiced against our child because you despise me ……”

        “If I don’t get pregnant with your child, then you might turn away from me and never see me again in your life because you despise me, right?”

        At that, Helena wiped away her tears and said firmly, “No …… I will not give you another chance to deepen this misconception …… Absolutely not! Life is still young, and I will make you change your misconceptions about me in an honorable way, so that you will know that apart from that poor mother of mine, the only person in this world that I can really care about is you!”

        After saying this, Helena leaned down again and kissed Charlie wade lightly on the lips before curling up in the crook of his arm like a kitten.

        Helena, who was hiding in Charlie wade’s arms, could not help but laugh softly and said with a wooing voice, “I want to hold you and sleep for an hour, promise me that I must not wake up for this hour, so that I can leave here with dignity after I wake up.”

        After saying that, she pressed her face against Charlie wade’s heart and slowly closed her eyes.

        At this moment, Helena felt that she was the happiest woman in this world.

        Only, the only regret was that because she was afraid that Charlie wade would wake up earlier than she did, Helena did not dare to let herself sleep thoroughly, and although she was full of happiness, she was more or less careful and apprehensive.

        She slept in Charlie wade’s arms, half asleep, half awake for almost an hour.

        This hour was the most satisfying hour she had ever had since she became an adult.

        Only when she saw that the wall clock was already pointing to nine o’clock did she gently get out of bed, gently put her clothes back on, then tidied up the half of the bed she had slept on, and pinched up the hair that had accidentally fallen on Charlie wade’s arm.

        After doing all this, she gazed at Charlie wade and uncontrollably kissed him again before reluctantly walking out of the room and carefully shutting the door again.


        It was almost noon when Charlie wade slowly opened his eyes.

        He felt that he had experienced the longest yet most restful sleep since he had his memories.

        This sleep had not significantly replenished his aura, but it had improved his spirits greatly.

        He slowly got up from the bed and stretched his arms out to stretch his body freely, when he suddenly felt a very familiar fragrance on him.

        It was the same scent as Helena’s.

        Although Charlie wade had smelled this fragrance when he first entered this room and even when he was lying on the bed, he clearly felt that this fragrance was even stronger than the fragrance that was already on this bed when he was lying on it.

        In his heart, Charlie wade knew very well that fragrance was something that was constantly depleted, so the fact that the smell was even stronger than before could only mean that it had been replenished in the middle of his sleep.

        Thinking of this, Charlie wade subconsciously reached his hand into the comforter on the other side of the bed, and could clearly feel that there was still a faint trace of residual warmth on the other side of the comforter where no one was sleeping.

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