The Real Dragon Chapter 5001

        At this moment, Charlie wade suddenly realized something. He subconsciously lifted the covers and looked down at his underwear, and was only slightly relieved when he found that they were still intact.

        At this moment, Charlie wade had already realised that Helena must have come while he was asleep, and had even slept beside him.

        The scent of her own body, as well as the residual warmth from the other side of the comforter, pointed the evidence to her.

        Charlie wade did not understand exactly what Helena was doing by creeping under his covers while he was asleep, but after weighing his options, he decided to pretend ignorance of the matter.

        In Charlie wade’s opinion, doing so was the best solution to alleviate the awkwardness between the two of them on the one hand, and to avoid any further consequences of this matter on the other.

        After making up his mind, Charlie wade climbed up from the bed.

        At this moment, there was still very little spiritual energy left in his body.

        Since there was an extreme lack of spiritual energy that could be absorbed in the natural world, if he wanted to rely on absorbing spiritual energy from the natural world as a supplement, it would be difficult to recover to his previous state in a year and a half, so Charlie wade took out a Peiyuan Dan again to be on the safe side, intending to quickly replenish the consumed spiritual energy first.

        So, he sat cross-legged on the carpet, took out a Peiyuan Dan from the pocket of his clothes, and heartily put that Peiyuan Dan into his mouth.

        In an instant, the pill turned into a dense spiritual qi that kept converging towards his body.

        However, what surprised Charlie wade was that originally, the spiritual qi in his body could be completely replenished with a single cultivation pill.

        However, after yesterday’s frequent and rapid consumption and replenishment of Spiritual Qi, the Pill that he had just taken had only replenished 80% of his Spiritual Qi.

        Charlie wade thought in his heart, “It seems that frequent limit states are not a bad thing, just like an athlete can keep on training at high intensity and gradually surpa*s himself, I can also raise my upper limit through this high intensity state, if the upper limit of spiritual qi in my body can be doubled, my overall strength will also grow a long way! “

        Thinking of this, Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel melancholy again.

        After all, the Peiyuan Pill was too precious, and once it was consumed and not replenished with new pills, then I was afraid that it would be very difficult for him to replenish his spiritual energy again.

        This also doomed him to not be able to make frequent use of this extreme state to constantly raise his upper limit.

        Subsequently, Charlie wade stood up and walked into the bathroom within the bedroom to take a shower.

        When he came out of the bedroom with his wet hair, Helena was taking a nap on the sofa in the living room.

        When she heard Charlie wade’s movement, she hurriedly opened her eyes and saw that Charlie wade had already come out, and her heart burst into nervousness.

        In order not to be seen by Charlie wade, she hurriedly asked him respectfully, “Did you sleep well, Mr. Wade?”

        Charlie wade saw that Helena’s cheeks were already flushed red just as she spoke, and his heart was strengthened by his speculation.

        However, he decided to play dumb to smoothly turn the page on this matter, so he said casually, “I slept quite well, it’s been a long time since I slept so soundly.”

        Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Helena was indeed relieved, and she hurriedly said, “It’s noon now, you must be hungry, do you want to move to the dining room to have something to eat?”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “If you don’t have any other arrangements, go back to Osu City after eating, I should also depart back to America.”

        Helena said with some reluctance, “Mr. Wade, are you in such a hurry to go back? You only arrived in the early hours of the morning, and you haven’t even spent ten hours in Northern Europe.”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said in a casual manner, “My wife is alone in America, I still want to go back to keep her company as soon as possible, not to mention the fact that everything here has been settled, so I need to withdraw as soon as possible to avoid a long night.”

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