The Real Dragon Chapter 5003

       Normally, this humanitarian organisation is active in organising charitable activities, calling for attention to the Third World, environmental protection and global warming, but once the organisation needs it, it is able to respond quickly in north-central Europe, covering the four northern countries of Europe, as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are across the sea from Sweden.

        Unlike other spy and NGO organisations, this humanitarian organisation has a very high profile, often using the media to promote itself and even to create a god in the environmental field.

        The Swedish environmental girl who became a global sensation was the puppet they supported and manipulated. They made a 17-year-old girl stand in front of the world and call for the shutting down of factories, cars, trains and planes and ships.

        The reason why this organisation is so high profile and even aggressive is to achieve a sufficient deterrent effect in the area covered by their mission.

        It is a deterrent that will not only silence the big businesses in these European countries, but also make even the governments and authorities of these European countries fearful of them.

        This is the advantage of standing on the moral high ground. With this aura of morality, they can use it as a weapon to attack anyone they want to attack.

        If they want to shut down a certain business, they organise a whole bunch of people to rush to the door of that company to protest, they want the government to pa*s or reject a certain bill, they organise a bunch of people to march in the streets.

        In short, as long as they have the words “Moral Guardian” written on their foreheads, they are basically invincible.

        It is also because of this special aura that they have extraordinary access to Europe. According to the usual tactics of this organisation, if there is a need to transport certain prohibited goods by air, they use this organisation to use the guise of charity goods and then choose an urgent time to ask the airport and customs to release them quickly. There was no problem.

        So, according to their plan, after they had successfully captured Lin Wan’er, the primus guards would hand her and her personal servant over to the humane organisation’s counterpart, who would then hide them in the charity materials and quickly get them through customs and onto the plane.

        As soon as the plane landed, the captain reported to his superiors through a special channel: “The postman has arrived in Gothenburg, when will the cargo arrive?”

        A man’s serious voice came over the special encrypted communication channel: “There’s been a problem with the Primus, they were supposed to change vehicles at the Nordic-Swedish border and continue to Gothenburg to meet you four hours ago, but they haven’t shown up yet.”

        The captain exclaimed, “The Primus are missing?”

        The other man said, “So far it seems so.”

        The captain asked subconsciously, “This …… Could this be the same as the Black Swan incident in New York?!”

        The total loss and evaporation of the dead soldiers in New York had been defined by the organization as a rare Black Swan incident, and almost all members had learned of that loss, and the British master had asked everyone internally to learn from this Black Swan incident.

        Hearing this, the person on the other end of the phone said coldly, “We can’t be sure yet, but I would like to remind you not to speculate wildly.”

        The captain’s expression was stunned as he hurriedly ended the conversation and said gruffly, “Then if they don’t show up at the border, what should I do on my side? Should I continue to wait, or request a return flight immediately? The airport has given me only three hours to load, and if I can’t take off after three hours, I’m afraid I’ll disrupt the original deployment.”

        “Wait.” The other man said firmly, “The British Lord has ordered you to wait three hours for the primus at Gothenburg, and if you don’t see anyone in three hours, plan B will be activated.”

        Without thinking, the captain said, “Wait three hours, as ordered!”

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