The Real Dragon Chapter 5004

At this very moment.

        In the car park outside the cargo area of Gothenburg Airport.

        The head of the humanitarian organisation is sitting on the pa*senger side of a truck, waiting impatiently.

        This time, there are three truckloads of supplies destined for Nigeria.

        According to the original schedule, the prima donnas would have delivered the people by now in special transport vehicles, which they would then take into the airport with them, before urging customs to release them quickly and put the targets on the plane.

        In order to ensure that the person would pa*s through customs this time, the head of the humane organisation, had also called their ace, the once world-renowned environmental girl, over, ready to bring her along to ensure that this mission would be completed successfully.

        However, up until now, they had not received any information about the primus inter pares.

        After waiting for another half an hour, there was still no news, and the top just told them to keep waiting.

        The man in charge had no choice but to sit in the truck and watch the time pa*s a little.

        At that moment, the driver of the truck behind jumped out, knocked on the pa*senger door and respectfully asked, “Lord Baron, may I come up to talk?”

        The man in charge pushed open the door and then sat himself down on the single bunk in the back of the truck.

        The driver below hurriedly climbed into the pa*senger seat and respectfully said to the head, “Lord Baron, Lolita says she doesn’t want to wait any longer ……”

        “What do you mean?” The person in charge asked with a frown, “What do you mean she doesn’t want to wait any longer?!”

        The driver said helplessly, “She asked me to convey to you that she has an appointment with her cla*smate to have her hair and spa done this afternoon and if it’s not over in twenty minutes, she’s going to leave first.”

        “D*mn it!” The man in charge burst into a rage and cursed, “How dare she talk to me like that, a yellow-haired girl? Has she become an environmental star and doesn’t know who her surname is anymore?!”

        The driver said awkwardly, “Baron, you know how she acts, she typically thinks of whatever she wants, and she doesn’t know the actual situation of our humane organisation, she still thinks she is the spiritual leader of the organisation ……”

        The chief gritted his teeth and said, “Go and tell her to wait here for enough three hours anyway, and tell her that I have invited quite a few media to give her a detailed report on this donation of supplies to Nigeria, just in time.”

        She said that the only European media she used to think of was the BBC, but since Britain left the European Union, there is no media in Europe that she can think of anymore. If CNN or BBC came to interview her, she could barely give a sh*t, but nothing else. ……”

        “Who the f*ck does she think she is? If it wasn’t for our money and efforts to promote her, package her and run her, she’d just be a loser high school student who misses cla*s every day, doesn’t know sh*t and can’t even get a pa*s in her f*cking final exams! Now that she’s got some fame, she’s playing a big game with me, doesn’t she know what she’s got?”

        The driver said helplessly, “Lord Baron, the priority now is to get her to stay, otherwise if she really dumps out, there’s nothing we can do ……”

        The person in charge pondered angrily for a long time before saying in a cold voice, “You tell her that as long as she cooperates well today, I will send her a Hermes Himalayan afterwards.”

        “Yes!” The driver nodded and hurriedly turned around to get out of the car and returned to his own.

        On the pa*senger side, a girl with a slightly grim expression was clutching her phone and playing a game in Battle Royale mode, and at that moment, she was killing the game with great vigour.

        When she saw the driver coming up, her eyelids lifted and she resumed staring at her phone, sniffing out of her mouth, “Is it a deal? I’m leaving in another fifteen minutes.”

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