The Real Dragon Chapter 5005

        The driver hurriedly said, “The president said that today’s event is very important and meaningful ……”

        The girl interrupted him directly and said in a cold voice: “I am pa*sionate about environmental protection, not charity, this kind of activity itself is not my type, if you asked me to protest against Asians using chopsticks, Europeans flying in planes or Americans driving cars, I could have more patience.”

        Here the girl said with an arrogant look on her face, “What’s more, who else but Nigerians would pay attention to something like helping Nigeria? If I had this time, I might as well go to the UN Climate Change Conference and stage a protest. My dad said that the media all over the world, will focus on the UN and the news of the developed countries, and the news of a third world country like Nigeria will never make the headlines in the western world.”

        The driver’s jaw dropped as he listened, and at the same time he was irritated beyond belief.

        However, with so much at stake, he could only say patiently, “The president said that if you cooperate well, he will send you a Hermes Himalayan.”

        The girl immediately took her eyes off the phone screen and stared at the driver, asking in surprise, “Really?! A Hermes Himalayan crocodile skin? You’re not lying to me, are you?”

        The driver a*sured, “Of course I’m not lying to you! The president always keeps his word.”

        The girl immediately changed her attitude and said with a smile, “Then tell him that as long as he does what he says, I’m willing to wait even until nightfall!”

        While everyone was anxiously awaiting the whereabouts of the primus, a plane took off from the airport in the Nordic capital, Oso, bound for Syria.

        Wan Bajun had already taken his own men, as well as the seven Primus Guards who had defected to him, back to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple’s base in Syria.

        Soon, another half hour had pa*sed and there was still no word from the Primus Guards.

        Seeing that the scheduled time had been exceeded by a few minutes, the man in charge picked up the satellite phone and called his handler.

        And his handler, and the pilot’s handler, were both the same person.

        The man picked up the phone and asked in a cold tone, “What can I do for you?”

        The man in charge said hurriedly, “Lord Viscount, I’m pressed for time here, I’m afraid I can’t wait much longer. The pilot has a three hour window, but I only have an hour and a half, and according to the fastest airport process, I have to leave at least an hour and a half to go through the security check and the loading process, otherwise it will affect the plane’s departure time! “

        The man known as the Lord Viscount was also anxious and blurted out, “Five hours ago, when the primus didn’t show up at the docking location, the higher-ups had already sent a contact to Bergen to check it out, there should be news soon, until the latest orders are given, everyone stand by in place!”



        An old Volvo SUV from Sweden, after a few hours’ trek, pulled up in front of the country house where Lin Wan’er had previously lived.

        The driver’s window was lowered and a man sat in the cab, taking a closer look at the villa.

        Although it was now afternoon, there was no movement inside the villa, and the surrounding farms showed no sign of anyone working.

        He pulled out his satellite phone and said into the phone, “My Lord Viscount, I don’t see anyone here, and there are a few cars parked outside the door that seem to show signs of hasty cleaning, do you need me to go in and have a look?”

        On the other end of the phone, that Viscount’s voice came through, “Put on the camera, the Lord British wants to see the live feed!”

        “Yes!” The man immediately took out a portable camera from the armrest box, pinned it to the outside of the left pocket of his shirt, switched it on and asked respectfully, “Lord Viscount, can you see the live feed from your side?”

        The other side said coldly, “Yes, you can see it, so go in and take a look right now!”

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