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The Rockstar Chapter 636

Guan Shuangshuang: “Brother Hua, go on.”


Jia Lin: “Hurry up, hurry up, time’s running out.”


Hua smiled awkwardly and tried to start thinking of a song, but nah, his brain was a mess and he couldn’t think of anything.


Shen Tao: “Five, four, three, two, one! Fail.”


Shen Mouteng: “Sins! How come I can’t think of anything when it comes to the critical moment? I’ve remembered so many songs about windows.”


Jia Lin: “Then why don’t you go sing it?”


Shen Mouteng: “Aren’t I giving you guys a chance to perform?”


Over here, Xu Shanqiang spread his hands at Deer Ha Ni and said in a slightly provocative manner, “What the hell kind of game is this? There’s no sense of participation at all! I won before I even made a move, it’s too easy.”


Deer Ha Ni also laughed, “Tie Zhu thinks it’s too troublesome to think of a song, it’s better to write your own conveniently and write as you go.”


Zhang Xin Yi said, “Tie Zhu’s luck is also too good, right? The unfinished songs are all related to windows.”


Deer Hani: “Second sister, you’re afraid that you have some misunderstanding about Tie Zhu, does he look like a person who has a saved manuscript? With my understanding of him, nine times out of ten, he’s just thinking about it now.”


Zhang Xin Yi: “Impossible! This is too scary.”


Xu Shanqiang made a cold a swimming motion towards Zhang Xin Yi and also gurgled, asking, “What is this?”


Zhang Xin Yi reflexively said, “Cold shrimp ah! What’s wrong?”


Xu Shan contends: “Excellent!”


This irony was directly pulled full, and everyone present felt it, except for the second sister herself who was bewildered.


The pop-up screen was also in awe:


“My goodness, Li Tiezhu scared me ……”


“Bullish ~”


“Remember Li Tiezhu’s jittery live broadcast back then? The Royal Engine that time.”


“At that time, he said that he wrote ten songs live, and there were people who didn’t believe it, but now I do believe it.”


“This talent is too scary.”


“That song ‘The Window That Can’t Be Closed’ is so good it explodes!”


“I love ‘Seven Miles’, I wonder if it will be on the next album.”


“The first song is all good ah, and the style is very different, this is Li Tiezhu!”


“Superstar Li Tie Zhu!”


“In terms of song writing, I would call him the best in the world.”


“Seriously doubt if it’s a gimmick deliberately planned by the programme team, how can it be so anti-human?”


“King Hua Song is so talented! Pfft~”


“Hua so-and-so’s face has changed, haha, laugh me to death!”


“Where are the Hua fans? Come out and take a couple of steps.”


“I’ll tell you a joke: it’s Hua’s music that’s world-class, pfft~”


“Hua so-and-so: Li Tiezhu’s music standard needs to be improved! Ha!”


“The musical genius who has blown for more than ten periods, was turned into a dog in seconds, a great joy.”


“If you’re capable, you can always use originals!”


“My Hua Hua was just careless.”


“Hua Hua is letting Li Tie Zhu’s, in order to take care of the guests, do you really think Hua Hua can’t think of a song?”


“Hua fans are the group of people with the best sense of humour, come and argue if you don’t want to.”


“Hua Fan is trying to f*ck over Yun De She.”


On the show, Jia Lin and Guan Shuang Shuang were also consoling Hua, telling him to be more courageous the more frustrated he was, and that there were still a few more chances to turn the tables below.


Shen Tao calls out Miss Wang Clan to deliver the second word – moon.


Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, there are so many songs about moon, but easy words are easy for both sides.


Shen Mouteng was the first to sing, and the old man had a hard time coming up with an old song, “How about the moon curving over the nine states ……? Haha!”


Xu Shanqian and Deer Hani tacitly pushed Li Tiezhu out.


Li Tiezhu said, “You guys won’t?”


Xu Shanqian: “Yes! I also remembered several songs, but we won’t sing the old songs and let you be original.”


Deer Hani: “The audience has been waiting for your new album for a year and a half fast, you don’t show it?”


Zhang Xin Yi was worried, “And original? It won’t work, it’s too hard, no one can …… at all.”


Li Tiezhu: “Oh, well, I’ll try.”


Zhang Xin Yi: “……”


Li Tiezhu thought of not thinking, opened his mouth and sang: “Lushu moonlight, sprinkled on the heart, you under the moon is no longer the same year appearance. The Moon of Luzhou, in the process of creation.”


The crowd listened to only applaud, it is so fast, but also …… extremely beautiful.


You are even embarrassed to say that Li Tiezhu sings indiscriminately, because he sings the original even better than the old songs sung by others.


According to reason, at this time Shen Mouteng should be arching fire, such as what Hua Hua He looks down on you, using the original to challenge your song library, simply do not take you seriously and so on.


He was also good at doing this, however, this time he was quiet because Li Tiezhu was really punching Hua Moumou in the face.


Guan Shuangshuang smiled without saying anything, her micro-expression a bit playful.


Jia Lin gave Hua Moumou a wave of her fist, “Go for it, Hua Hua! You’re the best!”


Hua Moumou: “The moon is like water and the mountains are like dragons, and the snow on the northern sands is also red ……”


Li Tiezhu: “White Moonlight, somewhere in the heart. White Moonlight, in the process of creation.”


“I look up at the moon above, how much ……”


“I admit it’s the moon that’s causing trouble, it’s so beautiful and gentle that way. The Moon Causes Trouble, in progress.”


“You are the moon, I am the sun, you and I will never meet.”


“When will the bright moon come, ask the blue sky with a glass of wine, I don’t know the palace in the sky …… The Water Song – When will the bright moon come, in the process of creation.”


Xu Shanqiang and Deer Hani immediately called out.


“Is it convincing? Tie Zhu is too awesome.”


“Brother Zhu is mighty!”


Zhang Xin Yi also murmured, “Listen well ……”


For a while, Hua Moumou’s pupils were a bit out of focus.


Shen Mou Teng saw that his teammates couldn’t hold up, and jumped out to stall for time: “Li Tiezhu, you can’t do this, isn’t this a Tang poem?”


Li Tiezhu: “Song lyrics.”


Shen Mouteng: “I don’t care what you do, in any case, this isn’t called pure originality, is it? At least the words are written by someone else.”


Xu Shan argued and yelled, “Do you know anything about music? Composition is not creation?”


Shen Mouteng: “I don’t understand! But I’ll until it’s not 100 per cent original ……”


Li Tiezhu: “Then I’ll change it …… The moonlight in the city shines the dream, please warm his heart. Moonlight in the City, in the process of creation.”


Shen Mouteng shut up at once.


Xu Shanqiang laughed, “Ha! Keep up the sophistry ah!”


Then, Jia Lin and Guan Shuang Shuang joined the battlefield and sang a few songs respectively, all of which were disliked by Li Tie Zhu with new songs.


After a few rounds, Li Tiezhu had already won the warm applause from the audience, although these audiences’ bias was obvious before, they were now convinced.


Li Tiezhu sang again, “Why is there only a moon left in my sky. Serenade on the Half Moon, in the process of being composed.”


Hua Moumou was defeated again, and the others couldn’t come up with a song either.


Pop-up screen:


“This is definitely hanging!”


“After Hua Moumou came, this show always did music programmes, got bored to death, today it’s finally cool!”


“It’s awesome, okay? Just like to see Tie Zhu hit his face.”


“Li Tiezhu really writes songs with his mouth open.”


“Previously I never believed that there was a genius in this song world, until I met Li Tiezhu.”


“This is not something that can be done by learning music for decades.”


“Talent is more important than professionalism.”


“This Nima …… King of the Pushy Kings!”


“Songs are all divine songs, casually take out a capital can hang the song of Hua so-and-so.”


“I suspect that Li Tiezhu has a fetish for saving songs, save them and take them out to pretend to beat his face.”


“It should be mostly saved, but his ability to write songs on the spot is also awesome.”


“So why has the third album dragged on for so long? Ugh! Li Tiezhu!”


“Bah! Li Tiezhu!”


“Bah! Li Tiezhu!”


“Some time ago, I saw many water armies speculating that Li Tiezhu was jealous of Hua Moumou’s talent, hahaha, I can laugh for a year.”


“How does this programme today look like Li Tiezhu is stepping on people!”




Everyone understands that Li Tiezhu’s strong dislike of Hua Moumou with his original song is obviously to use his own heaven-defying musical talent to swell Hua Moumou’s face, so that he no longer has the pussy face to pretend in front of Li Tiezhu, and so that his brain-damaged fans don’t dare to maliciously bind Li Tiezhu any more.


The previous warning in the background, that is just an appetiser, you still think that the second sister is really that big ah?


After the warning, then use the talent to crush Hua Moumou, so that the future can be eliminated forever.


At the same time can also kill the chicken to warn the monkey, with Hua Moumou this show hanging picture, in the future those musicians want to touch Li Tiezhu, can be to think about it.


Back then, after Li Tiezhu disliked Yehenala and Wang Feng live, the famous singers in the music circle rarely pushed Li Tiezhu.


That time it was against the top, this time, it is a blow to the bottom, those who are not red goods, in the future, they will not dare and do not deserve to compare their talent with Li Tiezhu.


Fighting one punch to open, lest a hundred punches come.


In the programme, Hua someone’s face was already iron blue, and there was no blood on his face at all.


He had known Li Tiezhu’s sinister intention for a long time, just that he didn’t believe that Li Tiezhu could defeat him with all originality, so he didn’t mind, but now he regretted too much.


Jia Lin said: ”Li Tiezhu, why do you always use original songs? You can also use old songs, so that, so that …… you can play a little longer.”


She was regulating the atmosphere, trying to make Li Tiezhu stop his face-slapping behaviour.


Before Li Tiezhu said anything, Guan Shuangshuang opened her mouth:


“Sister, I’m afraid it won’t work! Because Li Tiezhu doesn’t even listen to his own songs, how could he know any old songs? You are not with him sang KTV, anything and everything will not.”


Li Tiezhu serious face, “Right! I don’t remember a few old songs, I’m really ashamed.”


Shame on your mother, you pretender.


Xu Shanqiang and Deer Hani laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt and squatted to the ground.


Li Tiezhu added: “In addition, I say sorry to those singers who look up to me and ask me for songs. This year, I’ve been shooting TV dramas and films again, so I didn’t write many songs, and I’ve owed you all for a long time. Today, you guys just think of it as shopping in the supermarket, see which song contact me, I’ll pay the debt.”


Shen Tao: “Tie Zhu, are you being a little too arrogant like this? We not only give you a film, but also give you a song is it?”


Li Tiezhu said, “That’s thanks to the programme team! I can’t believe there is such a fun game, one move, the programme is also recorded, my debt is also paid, the best of both worlds.”


The second sister also back to taste, want to say something, but can not open the mouth.


Yes, Li Tiezhu is a blatant embarrassment to Hua Moumou, but they use the original, you a singer who claimed to be talented, even with the old songs are better than the other side, even if again favouritism you can not say what ah.


Shen Mouteng: “It’s okay, continue! The four of us think together, I don’t believe we can’t beat a Li Tiezhu.”


So, the third word was revealed – dream.


Li Tiezhu sang first and zoomed in at the beginning: “Let youth blow my long hair, let him pull my dream. Dream Chaser, in the works.”

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