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The Rockstar Chapter 637

Hua was confused on the spot, in a bit of a trance, wishing more than anything that this was a nightmare and that he would just wake up.


“Oooooh ……”


Deer Hani directly covered his face, no eyes to see ah, Li Tiezhu really hanging, lifting his hand is a slap, so raw, looking at all the pain.


This song “dream chaser” is simply not too perfect, even in Li Tiezhu’s work, it is also called the top.


Xu Shanqiang strangely touched a deck of playing cards from his pocket, squatted down and shuffled the cards, “Xiao Deer, second sister, come come …… to fight the landlord ah!”


Deer Hani is not suspicious, squatting over: “Lose the treat.”


Xu Shan contended, “How about treating cold shrimp? Second sister?”


Zhang Xin Yi looked confused, “Why fight the landlord? Isn’t it recording a programme?”


Where’s the competition? You guys are going to fight the landlord? Just leave a Li Tiezhu behind?


Too much mockery!


Shen Tao couldn’t help but say, “Excessive ah! Excessive ah!”


Shen Mouteng: “Bald head! You’re too much of a bully!”


Xu Shanqiang: “You guys win if you can!”


Jia Lin: “You guys are disrespecting your opponents, my heart is cold ……”


Deerhani: “No, you’re overthinking it, we’re simply looking down on ourselves, the three of us are losers! No need to get involved.”


Xu Shanqiang laughed cheaply, “Hahahahaha …… Right, right, right!”


Guan Shuang Shuang was trying to think of a song, this was the fourth set, if she lost this set the match would be over.


It wasn’t that she wanted to win so much, mainly, she wanted to drag the game out a bit longer, so that a certain Heavenly King could take a few more iron fists of justice.


She also really thought of the song: “Childhood dreams do you still remember, where is the paper aeroplane with the haired air ah ……”


Li Tiezhu: “Take me to run to that sky with you in it, because you are my dream. My Dream, in the process of creation.”


“Rob the landlord.”


“Not robbing.”


“Robbing the landlord, hey hey hey.”


This side of the big and small Wang team backed up, four people together, and held up a few more rounds, Li Tiezhu’s violent retaliation was unrelenting.


“My future is not a dream, my heart moves with hope. My Future is Not a Dream, in the process of creation.”


“Seeing the smoke and waves of a thousand years, running with the hope of a dream. The Legend of God, in the process of creation.”


“The original dream, held tightly in my hand. The Initial Dream, in the process of creation.”


“Beyond the dream to fly together, you and I need to face it sincerely. ‘Beyond Dreams’, this …… isn’t too keen on writing.”


Jia Lin spat at Shen Mouteng: “Brother, listen, is it human language? Not too eager to write, tsk tsk ……”


Shen Mouteng glanced at Hua Moumou, this one has two eyes straight, this back he basically does not sing much, obviously bowed his head and admitted defeat. Li Tiezhu’s inventory seems to be endless, the longer the fight, the less face, Hua Moumou has given up.


Guan Shuangshuang, the rebel, is still picking his brain, obviously wanting to drag on.


Shen Mouten decided to terminate this game, anyway, Li Tiezhu purpose has been achieved, he smiled cheaply: “Jia Lin, Shuang Shuang, Hua Hua, let’s play mahjong? Leave the stage to Li Tiezhu, let him pretend all he wants!”


Guan Shuangshuang laughed and didn’t want to sing anymore, “Heh heh heh ……”


Jia Lin: “Right, right, play mahjong! What a crap game, no sense of achievement at all, ha ……”


Hua Moumou smiled a far-fetched smile and didn’t make a sound.


Over there, Xu Shanqiang: “Bomb! Only one left, hahaha!”


Deer Ha Ni: “King bomb! Junko, it’s gone.”


Xu Shanqiang: “I’m going to ……”


Zhang Xin Yi: “Treat treat treat, hey? Is the game over too?”


Li Tiezhu said, “The opposite side surrendered.”


Shen Mouteng: “Brother see you save some songs is not easy, give you a face!”


Li Tiezhu: “No, brother you are too polite. I still have more than twenty songs about dreams.”


Shen Mouteng smile gradually trance: “I …… I can’t hold out anymore okay? Older people’s bodies are not good, okay?”


Shen Tao: “Good! The big and small king team forfeited, this game or people in the way team won, 4:0, congratulations to the people in the way team, won the third round of the game, get two red envelopes ……”




“It’s simply a descending blow!”


“Hua is already doubting life, haha ……”


“The Hua Hua at this time is so damn cute!”


“As a Hua fan, it’s like I’ve seen the sun!”


“Li Tiezhu is so strong.”


“What kind of tawdry operation is Fight the Landlord?”


“The song is sung by Li Tiezhu, the pussy is letting Xu Shanqian finish pretending!”


“Sister Liang Shrimp’s IQ is too touching.”


“Strongly suspect that Li Tiezhu’s song is to go to the lotus pond wholesale.”


“There are still more than twenty songs ……”




“Dream Chaser” is too good!”


“Suddenly started to feel sorry for the other contestants of Chinese Good Song, I wonder if they are watching this programme.”


“Harvesting new decent quotes: something like writing songs is as good as having hands like stir-frying vegetables.”


“Digging the roots, the world-class singer gave up the fight.”


“Like Tyson violently beating up kids.”


“This is here to appear on the show? This is f*cking here to smash the scene, right?”


“Letting you use a music programme to pretend to disgust old me every episode, heavenly justice!”


At first there were still Hua fans forcibly washing the ground, but now they were all quiet, they really couldn’t find any tricky angle to lick Hua.


And the audience with normal intelligence, has long seen that the level of the two is not on a level, the gap is incomparably huge.


Even, Li Tiezhu’s horrible talent can crown the entire singing world.


In the programme, Shen Tao hosted the final red packet competition, and of course, the People in Lost Journey team won. Then, the hosts and guests advertised and promoted Lost in People, and after doing that, the show ended.


Hua Moumou left first with a black face.


The others instead talked and laughed and climbed on each other for a bit, the entertainment industry is still a mix of people.


Just like today, if it wasn’t for Shen Mouten and Guan Shuang on the opposite side favouring Li Tiezhu, it would have been really hard for him to complete this high level of crushing.


Li Tiezhu again offered to invite them to dinner, including Shen Tao, no one refused.


On the other hand, Hua returned to the backstage, and without removing his make-up, he took his agent and hurried to the office of a leader of the TV station.


He was well aware that the segment broadcast just now would deal a devastating blow to his image.


When the leader saw them come in, he smiled kindly and said: ”Xiaohua, have you finished the programme? I’m not off work yet, it’s still a little early for dinner.”


Hua said, “Uncle, I think there’s something wrong with the recording of the programme, I suggest re-recording it.”


Leader: “Oh? Then you just let the director re-record it.”


The agent stepped forward and said, “It’s like this, during the recording of the programme, the guests deliberately humiliated and bullied Hua Hua during the game sessions, I communicated with the director and the supervising producer, and I voiced my objections at that time, but they didn’t listen to my advice at all, and stubbornly continued the recording. Hua Hua had the greater good in mind and tolerated the recording, but then it intensified, as if Blue Station was run by his family ……”


The leader frowned: “This Li Tiezhu, he’s really lawless, does he really think that I, Blue Station, am a bully? I’ll call the director and supervising producer here right away.”


Two minutes later the director and supervising producer came to the office and explained to the leader.


Hua and her agent had clashed with the director and supervising producer and argued on the spot.


“Does our Hua Hua’s reputation still matter? Do you guys know how much this programme will affect Hua Hua’s image after it airs? I think we should delete that segment and get a new game recording.”


“Hehe …… which of those few curiosities is lower than you guys? Just let it be re-recorded? Don’t they have any rows? You guys only know your reputation, but do you know how much traffic and heat this segment will bring to Blue Stage if it airs? Twenty to thirty new songs in one programme, all classics, this is a sure-fire gimmick!”


“We don’t care, you can’t hurt Hua Hua for your interests.”


“I’m really sorry, as the director of the programme what I care about most is the effect of the programme, and, I’ve already presented this incident to the station manager, who personally said that we must make that segment good!”


This time the leader also sat waxed, he was only a second-in-command of the variety department, far from qualified to don’t have a problem with the station manager.


Hua Moumou and the agent were also silent.


The executive producer said, “Hua so-and-so, please always be mindful of your status, you’re just one of the four regular guests. Do we give you a music programme every episode because we are addicted to your so-called talent? Not really! It goes without saying that Shen Mou Teng and Jia Lin have a sense of humour and variety, and Guan Shuang Shuang lets loose and has fun, and she’s the one who gets the short end of the stick on every show. As for you, you don’t have a sense of variety and can’t afford to play around, we had no choice but to force you to push the music talent persona, aren’t you clear?”


Director: “Moreover, it’s you who provoked Li Tiezhu, what’s it got to do with us? He played the game with an original song, you think he’s slapping you in the face, then you respond with a live original too! Aren’t you good at writing songs?”


Hua Moumou blushed and was completely speechless.




How could a normal person compare to him?


As the director and supervisor of the core programme of Blue Stage, these two were the ones who could speak, and even this leader had no way to forcibly sway their decision, and only had the right to make suggestions.


In the end, the leader began to make peace, the programme as is on the TV.


Lost soul back to the programme backstage, Hua Moumou heart hate to gnash teeth, but just impotent rage.


“Yo ~ Hua Hua is still here ah? We thought you were gone.”


Jia Lin called out.


At this time, Jia Lin, Guan Shuang Shuang, Shen Tao and Shen Mou Teng walked out together with the four people from Lost in Space and were about to go find a place to eat a big meal.


Hua Moumou said perfunctorily, “Well, go later.”


Second sister Zhang Xin Yi reproduced the honeyed operation, “Tie Zhu is treating us tonight, go, go with sister to slaughter him.”


The others all looked at Zhang Xin Yi in surprise, do you still think that your brother’s face isn’t swollen enough?


Hua Moumou’s expression was embarrassed: “No, no ……”


Zhang Xin Yi: “Be polite! Don’t you and Tie Zhu have a conflict? Is there anything that can’t be solved by a big meal? Sister will help you turn your differences into peace!”


Hua Moumou was even more embarrassed.


Li Tiezhu said, “Second sister, Brother Hua is going to invite Leader Chen and the chairman of the Three Too Many Group upstairs for dinner tonight, the red wine has been flown over, how can he have time to eat a rough meal with us.”


Zhang Xin Yi: “Yes, is it?”


Hua Moumou glanced at Li Tiezhu in horror, quickly averted his gaze, and quickly fled: “It’s an arrangement, sorry, next time ……”




How did he know? What else does he know?


No, this guy is too scary, never, ever mess with him again. This time, he was really scared, goaded and admitted.

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