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The Rockstar Chapter 639

Xie Zha was not strictly speaking a qualified host, her professional abilities and qualities were not up to scratch, not to mention any scene control abilities. However, as a variety show host, she again appeared to be outstanding, mainly related to her livewire personality.


This was also the reason why He Ling was willing to raise her up, she was always able to bring surprises to the show.


The five of them, Li Tiezhu, Xu Shanqiang, Deer Hani, Song Zhu’er and Zhao Liya, walked out from a rather pompous door, the order of appearance ranked more crucial, which was set by Xu Shanqiang.


“Shotguns for friends, good wine for enemies, right?”


Xu Shan scrambled to cancel Xie Spice, he was the most qualified and had the most right to speak.


Xie Spice laughed: “Sorry, the enemy comes with a shotgun, hahaha ……”


Xu Shanqian: “Good guy! Seeing people and muting them, right?”


Xie Zhaohua was already having an epileptic fit of laughter by himself.


He Ling said, “Teacher Shanqian, Xiaolu, Tiezhu, Zhu’er, Ya Ya, welcome welcome welcome …… Mainly warm and enthusiastic! Seeing you guys feel kind, can’t help but lift out the shotgun to have a pike, hit some wild game to give the fat friends who came all the way here a taste!”


Wei Jia daily concurred, “Yes, hunting and cooking with a shotgun.”


Xie Spice: “Wow, Teacher He can ah.”


He Ling slightly arrogantly crosses her arms, “Witty, isn’t it? This is the self-cultivation of a host!”


Xu Shanqian’s huge bald head came over, “Just be sophomoric! Don’t force me to put Tie Zhu to sanction you.”


He Ling wimped out for a second: “Not so much not so much …… well at least it’s my home base, everyone is a friend, leave me a few thin faces, okay? Thank you big brother! Pillar brother this side c please, you do not stand to the side ah, I’m afraid!”


“It’s the same wherever you stand, Mr He.”


Li Tiezhu was then pushed to the centre, standing next to He Ling, with Xu Shanqiang and Deer Hani on his left, and He Ling and Xie Zhaoli on his right.


Xie Spice said, “Teacher He, this is our home ground, why should we be afraid of the district Li Tiezhu?”


He Ling: “Haven’t you heard? Wherever Tie Zhu is is his home ground, I’ve recorded so many programmes with him, can I not know his power? Not to mention that Teacher Huang and Fang Bo and Sun Lei have to retreat, even Guo Gangde has to shake three times when he sees him.”


Xie Spice: “Isn’t that as good as me?”


He Ling: “Pfft …… self-inflicted ah! Pillar hey ~ today the four of us are friends with you, except for Spicy Sister, feel free!”


Xie Spicy: “What can I do? I’ve never lost a fight.”


He Ling retracted: “Okay! Good luck! Next, everyone applauds our none guests, Li Tiezhu, Xu Shanqiang, Deer Hani, Song Zhu’er, and Ya Ya Zhao Liya from Lost in Space.”


The applause was very warm, mixed with cheers, this was because the atmosphere director was directing the audience.


He Ling took the tableau and said, “Whether it’s the audience on the spot or the viewers in front of the TV, I’m sure many of them are fans of Li Tiezhu’s songs and films. As we all know, it’s not the first time that Tie Zhu has been a director, and we all know the two excellent works of ‘That Year That Rabbit Those Things’ and ‘Soldier’s Assault’, but this ‘Lost in Transit’ is still unique for Tie Zhu. So this film, what’s so special about it? Tie Zhu.”


Li Tiezhu was a little hesitant: “Just …… dry ask? Not a little game to pad it out or something? Your programme seems a bit unsilky ah ……”


Xie Spice: “Tie Zhu, are you questioning the standard of a variety show that has existed for over twenty years? This show is older than you!”


Li Tiezhu: “Yeah, after so many years, have you …… got your host qualification?”


Xie Spice: “Director, cut this segment! Just that section all cut out.”


Li Tiezhu: “Sure enough, you haven’t got …… it yet.”


Xie Spice’s smile began to cramp, “Li Tiezhu even dislikes me when he doesn’t even promote the film anymore, he …… must be coveting my beauty! Boing~ Pretty women are always ill-fated ……”


He Ling Wei Jia and other hosts wrapped their heads and laughed maniacally, Xu Shanqiang’s face wrinkled into an awkward character again, Song Zhu’er hugged Zhao Liya and laughed.


Li Tiezhu looked at Xie Spice: “Auntie, the card powder.”


Xie Spice hurriedly touched the corner of her eye, “Ah? There? People which have make-up, never face.”


Li Tiezhu: “When we are blind? The complete key down words can be as thick as the samsung heap bronze mask.”


Xie Zhaoli was speechless.


He Ling: “Okay Tie Zhu, please introduce your film in a dry manner, after the routine we can move on to the next section.”


Li Tiezhu: “Actually …… it’s nothing special, it’s just a film, spend money and effort to make it and then make some money. We came on this show to trick …… invite more viewers to go to the cinema to see Lost in Transit, thank you!”


He Ling: “Ah …… it’s still a rough advert, please ask Song Zhu’er to translate it for us, you’re a genius translator!”


Song Zhu’er, still holding Zhao Liya, said:


“What Tie Zhu means is that although he has gone through a lot of trouble and exhaustion for this film, he doesn’t want to scream in front of the audience, this is the kind of suffering that a filmmaker should suffer, so from this perspective, Lost in Transit is just one of many films, it’s not special. Just like films like Kung Fu, in the final analysis, it still needs feedback from the box office to define a film as good or bad. Today, when he came to Joyful Camp, Tie Zhu just wanted to report his work to the audience who are paying attention to him, and this film is the result, so if you trust Tie Zhu’s work and character, you might as well go to the cinema to support it.”


He Ling: “Awesome! So, what about Mr Xu Shanqian?”


Xu Shanqiang: “Lost in Translation is a film full of miracles, trust me!”




“This is my first time starring in a comedy film, it’s extra fun, really!”


“Thanks to Fawn’s pale speech, yada yada.”


“I’ll just run the show, there’s nothing to say, anyway, Tie Zhu’s productions will be fine, just watch it.”


He Ling: “Okay then, thanks to the five creators for their speeches, I’m sure you’re all like me, after listening to their speeches, the impulse to go and watch Lost in Transit was suddenly lowered by a lot.”


Xie Spice: “They’re not going to milk themselves to death with their own adverts and then complain that our show’s influence isn’t working, are they?”


Wei Jia said, “Fear not, they’ve been on other shows, they can’t just blame our show.”


Xu Shan argued, “What do you mean? Our original 200 million box office film came to your show for a round and went back to only 50 million?”


He Ling: “Teacher Shanqian! Things are unpredictable, and this kind of thing isn’t impossible.”


Deer Ha Ni: “Then is it too late for us to leave now?”


He Ling courteously: “That’s also too late, this forefather, please relax, fifty million at the box office is also a remarkable breakthrough for you.”


Deer Hani immediately grabbed his hair with both hands and rubbed it furiously, “Pillar, he humiliated me!”


Li Tiezhu patted him, “It’s fine, it’s fine. If Teacher He doesn’t say anything, the pop-ups will spit on you just the same, it’s all the same! But you’re so handsome, without box office there will be many more people looking for you to film, see if I don’t hire you?”


Deer Ha Ni fixed his hair again, “You hired me, isn’t it because of my acting skills?”


Everyone laughed, the most outrageous was Xie Spice who laughed while hitting Du Haibo.


Li Tiezhu was dumbfounded and looked at Deerhani: “If you weren’t my brother, I wouldn’t have been able to resist smacking you just now, really.”


Deer Hani looked up at the sky, “This world is always full of prejudice! I’m already used to it.”


Xu Shanqiang jumped up and hit at Deerhaani, “Prejudice! Prejudice! I’ll let you be prejudiced ……”


Li Tiezhu boosted his run plus a flying kick, “Get out of the way, I’ll do it!”


Fighting, of course, is a joke.


He Ling wasted no time in standing in front of the three people who were fighting in a ball and said to the camera:


“As you can see, this is a very united and loving crew, and I believe their work will not disappoint. If you have a mine at home and happen to have time on the second day of the New Year, you may want to go to the cinema to see it. Of course, I would like to appeal to everyone to live within their means, and for something as extravagant and grand as going to the cinema, you must think twice before you act, and never spend on impulse ……”


Du Haibo: “If it is really difficult to choose, you may as well flip a coin, heads not go, tails not go, if the coin is standing you can go and have a look.”


Wei Jia was stunned and smiled and high-fived Du Haibo.


Wu Xi En: “Here we go into the game session ……”




“This episode is weird.”


“Weirdly good looking.”


“Spicy Sister is really disliking Li Tiezhu!”


“Tie Zhu, this simpleton, said what’s in his heart again, tricking you into going to the cinema???”


“Song Zhu’er is worthy of being a translator.”


“Deer Hani this …… is really shameless, and a bit cute.”


“Change other guests, Mr He won’t be so ruthless, right?”


“Alternative anti-set propaganda, not bad.”


“This issue is finally not Li Tiezhu opening the way with a song.”


The games on Joy Camp were old, so old that everyone was familiar with them, and after two rounds of games, it was time for the most classic one of all – who is the undercover agent.


He Ling: “Tie Zhu, have you ever seen our show play this game?”


Li Tiezhu began to recall, his gaze slightly dull.


Wei Jia: “Teacher He, he’s lost his concentration.”


He Ling: “No! He’s reminiscing, you can’t ask for too much, after all, our Tie Zhu’s processor is single-core. The reason I’m asking this question is because I want to know if he understands the rules of the game, if not, we can pause and spend half an hour to explain it to him first.”


Xie Spice: “Is it going to take that long?”


He Ling: “Geniuses tend to be so unusual, I’m used to it in the mushroom house anyway, half an hour is considered a conservative estimate.”


Li Tiezhu looked back, “I’ve read it! I know the rules.”


He Ling nodded, “Good, then let’s invite the two teams of contestants onto the field, each team sending three players each. I’ll be the host!”


On the Joyful Family side, Wei Jia, Du Haibo, and Xie Spice, and on the Lost in Humanity side, it was Li Tiezhu, Xu Shanqiang, and Zhao Liya.


The others drew cards with Lost in People on them, and Li Tiezhu drew Kung Fu.


Speaking in turn.


Wei Jia: “Good looking.”


Du Haibo: “Funny.”


Xie Spice: “Funny.”


Li Tiezhu thought to himself, “Each one of you said the same thing as you didn’t, look at me: “It’s a classic, and it exploded at the box office.”


Xie Spice: “You’re shameless, Tie Zhu.”

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