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The Rockstar Chapter 640

Li Tiezhu said, “I would like to be modest, but the strength does not allow it.”


Xu Shan contended, “There’s no problem, strength doesn’t allow it.”


Finally it was Zhao Liya’s turn, she glanced at Li Tiezhu, felt he had a problem and said, “It’s a work.”


Xu Shanqiang: “What do you mean it’s a work? This expression of yours is most suspicious.”


Zhao Liya said, “Uncle Shanqian, don’t be in a hurry to spray me, you’ll be voted out with this attitude.”


Xu Shanqian: “Impossible, I followed what Li Tiezhu said, how can I be voted out if my strength doesn’t allow it?”


Wei Jia, Du Haibo and Xie Spice looked at Xu Shanqian at the same time:


“Follow the vote! Still so arrogant?”


Xu Shanqian: “What’s wrong with following the vote? I’m in step with Tie Zhu!”


He Ling: “Soon you’ll know what happens when you follow the votes, come on, three, two, one vote for the person you think might be an undercover agent. Pfft ……”


Except for Li Tiezhu almost everyone pointed to Xu Shanqiang.


Song Zhu’er, Wu Xi’en and Deer Hani who were watching the scene below laughed like crazy, who could bear to see Xu Shanqian’s awkwardness? No, He Ling was laughing.


“Hei! Oi! On what basis? I’m definitely not an undercover agent! You guys can’t vote blindly, be sensible.”


Xu Shanqiang had a serious expression as he explained to the others.


Xie Spice: “How can we have such a thing as sanity?”


Wei Jia: “Sanity is too high-end for us, we simply want to vote you out.”


Du Haibo laughed: “I also know it’s not you, Teacher Shanqian, but I’m just too lazy to think about things independently, so let’s just keep it simple.”


Zhao Liya said, “Uncle Shanqian, we all know it’s not you, but we always have to eliminate one in the first round!”


Xu Shanqian was still struggling, “Why do I have to be eliminated? Can’t we eliminate Li Tiezhu?”


Zhao Liya: “No, the game will be over if you eliminate him.”


Li Tiezhu: “Am I that important?”


Xu Shanqian: “He said you’re an undercover agent, silly.”


Li Tiezhu: “Impossible.”


Zhao Liya seriously said, “Believe me, it’s Li Tiezhu.”




Xu Shan contended that he didn’t believe it, anyway, he was eliminated, he came out from behind the table, took a look, and laughed with a puff, the undercover agent was really Li Tiezhu.


Xie Spice: “What are you laughing at?”


Xu Shanqian: “The undercover agent is really Li Tiezhu.”


Du Haibo was bewildered: “Can you just say it? Then won’t we win if we vote Li Tiezhu out?”


Wei Jia: “How do you know that Mr Shanqian is telling the truth? I’m very suspicious of him.”


Xie Spice: “No need to be suspicious, he’s just lying to us, what Tie Zhu said is the same thing as us.”


Zhao Liya looks at He Ling: “I think Li Tiezhu will win, your family members don’t use their brains to play the game, they all rely on blindfolds.”


He Ling: “That’s our Joyful Family’s speciality, so, the second round of expressions begins, starting from Zhao Liya’s side.”


Zhao Liya thought for a moment, “Four words.”


Xie Zha Wei Jia nodded at the same time, Du Haibo broke his fingers and counted silently, Lost in Transit is indeed four words.


Li Tiezhu could not understand, what four words? What is she talking about?


Zhao Liya: “It’s your turn silly column.”


Li Tiezhu said: “Li Tiezhu.”


Zhao Liya backhanded thumbs up: “You cattle!”


Li Tiezhu: “What’s wrong?”


Wei Jia also strange: “Yes, Tiezhu expressed very clearly ah, he is the same as ours, why would Yaya think Tiezhu has a problem?”


In front, He Ling, Xu Shanqiang and the others laughed out loud.


Song Zhu’er said, “This is fun, you guys continue ah.”


Xie Spice: “Hong Dabao!”


Du Haibo: “Star Chow!”


Wei Jia: “Liu Xiaohua.”




Xie Spice and Du Haibo instantly stared at Wei Jia, who strangely said, “I didn’t say anything wrong, that thing, right? You guys don’t know about it?”


Xie Spice: “No! It’s you who don’t know what we are.”


Du Haibo: “Master Jia is too obviously exposed.”


So Wei Jia was voted out.


In another round, Du Haibo was voted out by Li Tiezhu and Xie Zhaoyi for saying “money or no money, go home for the New Year”, only Zhao Liya firmly voted for Li Tiezhu.


Xie Zha seriously suspected Zhao Liya: “Ya Ya, you definitely have a problem, why didn’t you vote for Haibo?”


Zhao Liya face puzzled: “He did not say wrong ah!”


Xie Zha: “What’s wrong with New Year’s Eve?”


She hadn’t seen Li Tiezhu singing that promo, so she thought Du Haibo wasn’t talking about Lost in Space.


Li Tiezhu was even more innocent because he thought everyone drew Kung Fu and the undercover agent got Lost in People.


Zhao Liya looks to the few eliminators in front of him shaking their heads and says, “This is what happens when you don’t trust me, Tie Zhu is going to win.”


Xie Spice: “Good will eventually triumph over evil!”


Li Tiezhu: “Right!”


Du Haibo and Wei Jia and the others hurriedly covered their faces, blaming themselves for being too stupid.


The last round of descriptions.


Xie Spice: “This is a New Year’s film this year.”


Li Tiezhu: “Right! A blockbuster film made with huge amounts of money, with luxurious scenes and cool special effects.”


Xie Spice covered her mouth and laughed: “Hahaha …… Can you be any more shameless? Tie Zhu! Which one praises himself like this?”


Li Tiezhu: “I’m telling the truth.”


Xie Spice: “Not bad! I had the same kind of shameless style back then.”


Zhao Liya: “Is it necessary for me to say anything else?”


Xie Zha pointed at Zhao Liya: “No need! The undercover agent is you!”


Li Tiezhu also pointed at Zhao Liya: “Right!”


He Ling and the others looked dumbfounded.


Zhao Liya threw the card and walked out in style, “I’m convinced of my loss, who’s leading this group of teammates? Obviously what Li Tiezhu got is Kung Fu.”


He Ling: “How do you know?”


Zhao Liya shrugged: “I knew when I got ‘Lost in Transit’, according to the show’s formula, someone must have got another film title, most likely Uncle Shanqian and Tiezhu. Uncle Shanqian only has one film this year, the programme group won’t put an irrelevant film title, so that only leaves Li Tiezhu, and if he’s an undercover agent, the only one he gets is likely to be Kung Fu.”


He Ling nodded repeatedly, this girl was indeed smart.


Xie Zha laughed out loud, “You’ve lost and you’re still sophomoric?”


He Ling bristled, “Spicy, take a look for yourself at what Zhao Liya’s card says.”


Xie Spice was dumbfounded at first glance, “Why is she the same as me? So Tie Zhu is?”


Li Tiezhu: “Kung Fu, aren’t you?”


Xie Spice clutched his head, “So I’m the sh*t-stirrer ……”


Li Tiezhu let out a soulful question, “Right! How strange, Sister Spicy, I’ve told you I’m a high budget blockbuster! Why do you still think I’m like you?”


Xie Spice pretended to be blind and fumbled her hands out, “I don’t even know when I went blind!”


Another round of the game, with six people, He Ling, Wu Xi’en, Wei Jia, Deer Hani, Song Zhu’er, and Li Tiezhu participating, and Xie Zha as the referee.


This time everyone drew “Happy Camp” and Li Tiezhu drew “Oh Exempt Primitive”.


In the end, under Song Zhu’er’s blind command, He Ling, Wei Jia and Deer Hani were all eliminated, leaving only the dull-witted Wu Xi’en and Li Tie Zhu.


Xie Spice covers his face, “Another famous game ah, even dumber than me, hahaha …… Please ask the three of you to speak in the final round.”


Wu Xi En: “This programme has a history of more than twenty years.”


Li Tiezhu said, “This is a new show that only started producing its first season this year.”


Wu Xi En instantly widened his eyes, looked at his card again, and finally looked at Song Zhu Er.


Song Zhu’er, who also drew ‘Happy Camp’, said, “Sister Wu Xi’en hasn’t been on this show, I have.”


The people outside had laughed until they couldn’t stop.


Wu Xi En, on the other hand, began to doubt her life, “So I’m the undercover agent! Why? Why did I only find out now? Alright, alright, you guys vote me out!”


Naturally, Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er voted him out.


Wu Xi’en walked out dishevelled, took a look at the words displayed in front of the table, and once again doubted life: “Ah! I’m not an undercover agent, the undercover agent is still Li Tiezhu. Song Zhu’er what are you talking nonsense about? The one you got is clearly our programme, why are you making things up?”


Song Zhu’er had a frank face, “Because I’m the Heavenly Court Anti-Bone Boy ah! The strongest anti-bone boy in history!”


The crowd was speechless, this time the game, all relied on Song Zhu’er to strongly lead the tempo, but anyone who doubted Li Tiezhu would immediately be voted out. In fact, Li Tiezhu naive, several times chatting burst, but froze by Song Zhu’er bailed out to win.


Li Tiezhu: “Ah, winning again? This game is so interesting.”


Wei Jia: “Fun the hell ah! Playing the game with you, there’s no game experience at all, I just said that Li Tiezhu might have a problem and I was voted out by you guys, why is that?”


He Ling laughed, “What’s wrong with that? Remember why I was voted out? Just because I complimented Li Tiezhu on how great you are.”


Deer Hani: “I’m the worst, I quietly asked Zhu’er if there’s a possibility that it’s still Tiezhu, and then ……ha!”


Wei Jia: “It’s not fair, it’s Song Zhu’er who defected, otherwise Tie Zhu couldn’t win.”


He Ling asked, “What about the last round? Yaya identified Li Tiezhu the whole time, and instead of listening, you guys ended up getting her out.”


Wei Jia: “Erm ……”


He Ling said, “Okay, after two rounds of not-so-fun games, everyone should be pretty pissed off, so let’s sit down and have fun looking at negative news about Tie Zhu.”


Everyone was instantly refreshed, the news attacking Li Tiezhu never stopped, people are red and there is a lot of right and wrong.


He Ling: “Number one – excessive packaging and hype, some people say that Tie Zhu sang thirty original songs in one breath in his last show, it was a scripted arrangement and the songs were prepared in advance. Tie Zhu, do you have anything to respond?”


Li Tiezhu shook his head, “No response, because even if it was a scripted arrangement, writing thirty different songs in a short period of time is pretty impressive, and I only know two such people.”


He Ling: “Which those two?”


Li Tiezhu: “One is Zhou Dong, and one is my father’s son.”


He Ling: “Pfft …… you have a really wide range of people, even your father’s son you know?”


Li Tiezhu: “I have the honour to have seen it in the mirror.”


He Ling: “Then improvise a song about your father, we’re not responding to those rumours, this is the script for our show. The song is also prepared in advance ……”


Li Tiezhu: “What can I do for you, father who has been strong all his life? Trivial concern take it. ‘Father’, in the process of creation.”


He Ling stayed, he also wanted to say a few more words of nonsense, give Li Tiezhu a little time, really can’t cut this paragraph, the result is that Li Tiezhu zoomed in again.


Song Zhu’er quietly said to Zhao Liya, “Suitable for you to sing.”


Zhao Liya immediately blushed.

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