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The Rockstar Chapter 672

Kyoto, a luxury flat.


Chen Ziyang was lying on his back on the sofa, rolling around in laughter as he was using his mobile phone to watch the playback of Li Tiezhu’s comedy: “Hahaha …… This guy is really talented, the comedy is so good that he’s spitting blood. I love his comedy so much.”


Uncle Lin rubbed his eyebrows, “Like him? Then you still want to poison and dumb him down?”


Chen Ziyang: “Don’t I lack someone who is good at writing songs? He’s quite suitable, he can’t sing if he’s mute.”


“This is the Spring Festival Gala!”


“It’s the Spring Festival Gala that’s a mess. What are you afraid of? There are tens of thousands of actors and staff backstage, so it’s not surprising that we can find out what’s going on.”


“But even if he’s mute, he can still make films, and there are plenty of people who want to hire him to write songs. With his current status and ability in the circle, it’s impossible for him to hang out with you! Is your brain a pose?”


“I know ah, I just think he sings better than me, so …… it’s not appropriate.”


“Are you crazy? Sonny!”


“Crazy for over twenty years, haha! By the way, is the follow-up done?”


“The jelly shells disappeared and the fake dancers that got mixed in are already on their way to the international airport.”


“Well well well, it didn’t work this time, keep trying next time!”


“Have you had enough?”


“No! Li Tiezhu was able to become famous due to his talent, but more than that, the opponents he had met before were all too weak. Of course, it also has something to do with the fact that as soon as he made his debut, he broke into the Xiangjiang circle, and the Southern Department didn’t suppress him too much, and a lot of people are still bailing him out …… haha ……”


Chen Ziyang laughed out loud at Li Tiezhu’s comedy.


The entertainment circle is a big circle, but there are three small circles within it that are very powerful, the Kyoto circle, the East China Sea circle and the Xiangjiang circle, from music to film and television, these three circles almost form a monopoly. People like Feng Gangbao, Yehenara, Wang Feng, etc. are the Kyoto circle with average strength but with sky-high connections, Yang Mi, Xiao Zhen, these are the East China Sea circle with their backs to the East China Sea circle, with the strongest capital power, and the Xiangjiang circle has more bigwigs, but has long since ceased to be at its peak.


Many artists have been in the entertainment industry for decades, but have not been able to mix into the three core circles, so the theatre red endure not red or song red people not red.


This kind of person is like a river of carp.


Those who are truly red do not necessarily have talent, but they must have the support of the core circle, and this is the truth of the entertainment industry.


Li Tiezhu was essentially rejected by the Kyoto Circle, he had a good relationship with the East China Sea Circle, but was essentially classified in the Xiangjiang Circle, except that a large portion of people within the Xiangjiang Circle were hostile to him.


Therefore, in terms of resources and background, Li Tiezhu wasn’t great, but he had official backing, which was the essence that distinguished him from other stars.


Chen Ziyang was different, his father was a big shot behind the scenes of the Xiangjiang circle, his mother had a rich network in the Kyoto circle with a respected status, and at the same time, he himself was also being a very powerful force in the capital of the Donghai circle.


Due to certain reasons that cannot be said, all three circles are now using the best resources to promote him.


Therefore, returning from his studies in the United States of America a year ago, Chen Ziyang had become the hottest new star in only half a year.


There was only one song that could be heard, only three episodes of variety shows, none of the TV series, two film cameos, and a slightly more limited number of advertisements.


But it was just red, and in terms of popularity, he was now second only to Li Tiezhu and Deer Hani, and much stronger than Yi Xing, Wang Xiaokai, Xiao Zhen, and others.


For outsiders, it was a mystery.


Uncle Lin is in his forties, not his agent, but the president of a listed company, and also Chen Ziyang s …… butler.


“Sonny, are you going to Kyoto to pay your respects after the New Year?”


“Not going, all said I’m going back to the United States to hide for half a month starting tomorrow, what if I’m investigated? Going to jail! I don’t want to step on a sewing machine.”


“It’ll be someone else who finds out, I’m the only one who can give you up.”


“Then I’ll silence you, where’s my knife.”


“Why don’t you go to Kyoto?”


“Steel Cannon hasn’t apologised to Master yet, I’m going back now, no face. Not just flirting with his vitiligo? Dozens of years old, a little bit of belly are not, he did not apologise, I one day not set foot in Kyoto half a step.”


“Er …… he come to treat you to shabu shabu tomorrow, and bring a few clean young models ……”


“No way! Subterfuge of female artists is immoral, we must resolutely put an end to this uncivilised phenomenon, and …… what if the tender models explode? Not safe! Hey, now the culture of the entertainment industry has become more and more corrupted over the years, it hurts my heart! Uncle Lin! May I ask, such a showbiz such idols, to lead our young people to where? That’s why I like Li Tiezhu! He’s a quality idol!”


Chen Ziyang turned off his mobile phone and said to Uncle Lin in a very serious tone.


Liking Li Tiezhu, so you poisoned him??


Uncle Lin knew that his young master was a freak and said breathlessly, “Then just eat and drink ……”


Chen Ziyang said, “Don’t drink, just eat. Mutton doesn’t go with good wine!”


Uncle Lin ignored him and sent a message to the Kyoto side to get ready, Xiao Xiao wants to go back to Kyoto to pay New Year’s greetings to the old gentlemen.


Chen Ziyang took out the freshly baked sweet potatoes from the oven and ate them, turning up the TV volume. Eat a mouthful of baked sweet potato, drink a mouthful of Maotai, life is very simple and low-key, he likes to remember the bitter sweetness and practice economy.




The Spring Festival Gala proceeded in an orderly manner, not affected in the slightest by Sun Chao’s matter, only, the back of the several sketches is a bit boring, after all, Li Tiezhu and Yue Yupeng beads in front of them, and they are a bit embarrassed by these broken bricks and mortar.


In fact, Yue Yupeng and Sun Chao’s original comedy will not cause this effect, but rather not as good as some of the sketches behind.


Leng Ba had finished the programme at this time and came to Li Tiezhu’s rest room.


“Bamboo child guessed it a long time ago?”


Li Tiezhu was surprised, he had all finished the comedy and came down before he realised in hindsight that it was poisoned against him.


Leng Ba said, “Yes, she sent a message in the group long ago, and is now investigating. However, I heard that the traces have been almost wiped out, the other party did it very stealthily.”


Li Tiezhu said, “But this is the Spring Festival Gala, CCTV.”


Leng Ba: “Right! So the other party’s hands and eyes, by now the most blinded is the CCTV, they can not find out anything.”


Li Tiezhu was silent, he couldn’t figure out who would do such a thing, there were too many people offended.


Destroy the voice?


Vicious to the extreme. Also arrogant to the extreme.


Leng Ba said, “Zhu’er said to let you be careful yourself, in case the other side still has a backhand. I’m leaving now to get a car, so you can come directly to the underground car park after the show. Rabbit Smash said that he can’t trust anyone now, and to be careful.”


Li Tiezhu nodded and was not angry.


Not long after Leng Ba left, Yi Xing, Wang Xiaokai, Wu Lei and others who finished the performance also came over to see Li Tiezhu, they all heard about someone poisoning Li Tiezhu accidentally injuring Sun Chao. Of course, this matter will be investigated strictly, but it is absolutely impossible to publish it, it is too damaging to the image of CCTV.


And then, Li Tiezhu changed his clothes and did his hairstyle, and went to the waiting area to wait for the stage performance.


His programme was behind the songs of Cheng Dalong, Chen Xunmai and Deng Lu’en, and the queue was also behind them.


Deng Luen and Li Tiezhu knew each other from Where’s Dad, so he came over to comfort him at this time, ”Are you okay? My people are stupid, this kind of thing is too incredible.”


Li Tiezhu smiled, “It’s fine! There are benefits to not eating snacks.”


Seeing that he could still joke, Deng Lu’en chatted with him and went back.


Cheng Dalong glanced at Li Tiezhu without any indication, but it was Chen Huenmai, who belonged to the same Xiangjiang circle, who came over and chatted for a couple of minutes.


“Thank you big brother, I’m fine.”


“This kind of thing is quite common in the former Xiangjiang circle, it’s still rare to hear about it on the mainland, so be careful yourself.”


“I know.”


“Also, go talk to your master, it’s unlikely that he’ll come over to you.”


“Oh, that’s so.”


Li Tiezhu drifted off and walked next to Cheng Dalong, “Master.”


The surrounding actors and crew members, automatically backed away a bit.


“Good thing! It means you’re really red, a big hit.”


“You’re not kidding.”


“Who’s joking with you? If I want to joke I’ll find a pretty actress to joke with, why joke with you?”


Cheng Dalong said in disgust.


Li Tiezhu touched his nose.


Cheng Da Long added, “Don’t worry, after this matter today, similar things will become more and more common. Because you have become so popular that people will do anything, this kind of thing is inevitable.”


Li Tiezhu was a bit disappointed, how come this circle is like this? He used to know that the entertainment circle was dirty, but he didn’t expect it to be this evil.


Cheng Dalong: “I’ve jumped off a building, so now I go out with assistants and bodyguards, Li Xiaojie’s agent was thumped, so his bodyguards and assistants are also handpicked, a lot of artists are like this, you think it’s just platitudes? We are all curious how long you can live without an assistant or bodyguard for more than two years. There are still people in the circle taking bets on this, haven’t you heard? You’re just lucky, but that’s where it ends.”


In fact, Song Zhu’er and Leng Ba have long let Li Tiezhu with bodyguards, he has been perfunctory did not agree.


Li Tiezhu nodded, “Why is that?”


Cheng Dalong took Li Tiezhu’s shoulder: “Kid! Fame, money, power, women, when you are red everything, but these things are counted, you take more a part of others less or can not get, there are always people who want you to die. This world can be very noble, can also be very evil. Twenty years old, three Grammys, film box office may reach ten billion, you, is a huge target! Just like Star Chow and I back then, many people flatter you, but there are also people who want you to kneel in front of him and lick his feet.”


Li Tiezhu: “Isn’t this the same sh*t as the construction site? You do a good job today, they block you in the toilet and beat you up.”


Cheng Dalong: “Why would you think it would be different? It’s the same everywhere. What do you want to do?”


Li Tiezhu said, “Find out and f*ck him to death.”


Cheng Dalong: “What if you can’t find out? What if you can’t do it?”


Li Tiezhu: “Even if I can’t find out, I’ll find out, and even if I can’t do it, I’ll do it.”


Cheng Da Long smiled, “Go ahead! Ordinary artists are made, stars are held up, and superstars must all be fought. Of course, most die on this road to superstardom, and very few live to the end.”


This was the first time Cheng Dalong taught Li Tiezhu something.


Li Tiezhu thought for a long time, and when he wanted to say thank you, his master had already gone on stage to perform.


Soon, Li Tiezhu also took the stage, a song “Rich or poor to go home for the New Year” and a song “Materia Medica”, the performance was very stable and the effect was very good.


The end of the performance, Li Tiezhu calmly change clothes and remove make-up, and greeted the director team and master, before accompanied by the master’s bodyguards down to the underground car park, boarding Leng Ba from Li Tiezhu’s company to get the car.


The time has come to eleven thirty, the car drove to the western suburbs, Li Tiezhu posted a pitch black video on Shake, with the words:


“Don’t let me know who you are. Happy New Year!”

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