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The Rockstar Chapter 673

Some netizens were naive enough to think that Li Tiezhu was paying tribute to his fans, and there was also a child pin big boy who exploded his name in the comment section below. And the smarter netizens, sensed that something was wrong.


The jittery comment section looked chaotic:


“My name is Zhao Dabao.”


“Liu Xiaoming.”


“I’m Qin Shi Huang, playing for money.”


“It seems that Sun Chao’s diarrhoea is not a simple matter!”


“Is Brother Serious asking about the murderer?”


“What murderer?”


“The internet rumour is that Sun Chao was poisoned.”


“How is that possible? Have you read too many brain-dead novels? That’s the Spring Festival Gala.”


“Who wouldn’t want to live to poison the Spring Festival Gala?”


“With all the surveillance, who would dare?”


“It’s said that they wanted to poison Li Tiezhu, and as a result, Sun Chao was hit ……”


“The specifics are not clear, but someone really poisoned the backstage, and also slipped away smoothly without leaving any traces.”


“All over the same as the real thing, spy war drama?”


“My sister is a Spring Festival dancer, it is true that something happened, so Li Tiezhu temporarily partner Yue Yupeng to say the comedy.”


“Look carefully at the text sent by Li Tiezhu, indeed unusual ……”


And a user called “Maotai baked groundnut” message said: “Who knows Li Tiezhu does not like to eat jelly? What do you like to eat?”


It was simply provocative.


Not many people paid attention to this message, because there was no information circulating about jelly.


Li Tiezhu noticed and replied, “I like tofu brain, the spicy kind.”


Then, he took a screenshot and sent it to Zhang Xiaomeng and Chen Jianjun, asking them to use the resources of Penguin’s technical department and Red Star Rabbit respectively to check out this suspicious account. Although today was the New Year’s Eve, Li Tiezhu didn’t want to trouble everyone, but the matter was urgent, so they could only be fortunate.


After doing this, Li Tiezhu gave the old man in Shudu their video and chatted fervently, of course, he couldn’t tell them about himself being poisoned.




In a luxury flat in the fifth ring road of Kyoto.


Uncle Lin sighed, ”What are you doing going to Jitterbug to provoke Li Tiezhu? Afraid that he won’t be able to find out about you?”


Chen Ziyang put down his phone and took a bite of the cold baked sweet potato, “Let’s have that side organise some reliable hackers and take note of who all goes to check this number and what their abilities are. This is called know your enemy and know yourself, you will not be in danger, all know that Li Tiezhu has a bullish hacker organisation in his hands, explore the bottom first, lest you lose out on this in the future.”


He did not use his own mobile phone to send that message, but instructed his subordinates in the United States to get a jittery account called “Maotai roasted groundnut”.


Uncle Lin rubbed his brow: “Stop playing, better think about going back to Kyoto to pay tribute to the New Year, the old ones are not happy about you mixing with the entertainment industry.”


Chen Ziyang spread his hands, “Aren’t we in Kyoto?”


Uncle Lin: “Don’t you always say that Kyoto isn’t considered Kyoto when you’re out of the Four Nine Cities?”


Chen Ziyang: “To be precise, it’s not Kyoto when you’re out of the Forbidden City. Ah …… I suddenly thought of a certain elderly Hong Kong star who was stabbed at a low-end event.”


Uncle Lin: “What do you want?”


Chen Ziyang: “I want to …… customise a set of soft armour for myself, just like in martial arts novels.”


Uncle Lin: “……”


Chen Ziyang: “Why don’t I go to Li Tiezhu to learn martial arts? He fights like a thief and pulls his weight. After I learn it, if that old man in the high walled deep courtyard pushes any more, I’ll beat the blood out of his nose!”


Uncle Lin: “Sonny, that’s your grandfather.”


Chen Ziyang: “Doesn’t Grandpa have a nosebleed? I don’t believe it.”




The Spring Festival Gala is over and a new year has arrived.


Han Hong helped the big leader of the General Literature and Art Troupe out of the studio, but the leader threw away her hand, his body and bones were still strong and he would work for another ten years without any problem.


“You’re not this kind of sycophant, holding someone up is like kidnapping.”


“What the leader said.”


“Yo~ I can’t believe you didn’t talk back today? Unbelievable.”


“Then haven’t I grown up? I’m almost fifty.”


“You’re not growing up, you’re having distractions. The only one who can make you bend over backwards is Li Tiezhu besides the kid you adopted, right?”


The leader turned into a corridor and pulled out a cigarette, which the guard accompanying him helped light.


Han Hong didn’t say anything, showing a bright smile. She grew up very bitter, and was raised in a single parent family, the image is still not good, and she can make a name for herself, all thanks to the leadership to promote. Although it is very powerful, but which one in the general troupe of literature and art is not powerful?


At this time, Cheng Dalong did not know where to drill out, also leaned over, smiled and said: “Leader! Let’s go, I’ll buy you a drink.”


The leader nodded, “Wait a while.”


Said, handed a cigarette to Cheng Dalong, the latter took over and lit himself, also did not say anything, waited on the sidelines, and Han Hong nodded in greeting.


Han Hong took advantage of the leader did not pay attention to, quietly give Cheng Dalong squeezed eyebrows, Cheng Dalong understand nodded.


It is all for Li Tiezhu’s matter.


Cheng Da Long is a man of genius, the opposite of Star Chow, he whether in Hong Kong, rice or the mainland, can quickly integrate into the core circle, and gain significant influence.


There are many capable people in this world, and there are many geniuses, but there are a number of superstars, and behind everyone’s rise to fame, there is a watchman’s skill.


Half a cigarette later, the sweaty comic artist XXX ran over, obviously looking hard.


He also had channels and knew about Sun Chao being poisoned, and had specially run over to clarify. This matter has nothing to do with him, but he blocked the door to curse the way also led to the poisoning of Sun Chao, although it also seems to indirectly “save” Li Tiezhu, but this thing is big, too many people, he had to come up with a statement.


“Leader! I …… I made a mistake.”


Cheng Dalong took out a handkerchief, personally walked up to XXX to wipe the sweat, don’t look at the two people are about the same age, but the Furniture City God of Martial Arts is not a name for nothing, the man wanted to hide, was Cheng Dalong three times to get it done, and fiercely wiped the two handfuls.


Then, Cheng Da Long directly threw his handkerchief on the ground, also kicked a foot, said, “This matter ends here, my disciple is not the turn of others to discipline.”


XXX was humiliated and angry, but there was nothing he could do.


Cheng Dalong was much more bullish than him, even in front of a big leader, it was different. He and Han Hong got to nod their heads and flatter, Cheng DaLong although called with respect, but people are treated as friends.


The big leader said, “I heard that Guo Gangde this person is good, there is time for you to drink tea together.”


XXX was stunned and terrified, nodded: “I know! Thank you leader for pointing out.”


The leader found Director Liu of the Spring Festival Gala waiting not far away, waved his hand and said, “Go on, don’t be a jerk anymore. In a person’s life, there aren’t many opportunities to be a jerk.”


There was no next time.


The bigwigs of the association left with their tails between their legs.


Director Liu came over, “Leader, we will definitely investigate tonight’s matter to the end.”


The attitude was strong and upright, not pushing back at all.


The big leader looked at Cheng Dalong, and then looked at Han Hong, and said to director Liu: “This matter …… is likely to be unable to find out anything. The monkey that dares to grab meat in the mouth of the tiger is usually not afraid of the tiger. Anyway …… on this matter, Li Tiezhu was aggrieved, Yunde Society suffered, the compensation should be in place.”


Director Liu: “The head office will have a charter, and the above is also very important.”


The big leader stubbed out his cigarette and laughed: “Yes! I’m not in the same system as you guys, I’m just giving my opinion, but, Tie Zhu this kid is really good, don’t let him be ruined.”


Director Liu: “That can’t be! Our main station also treats him as a treasure.”


The leader nodded and said to Han Hongcheng Dalong, “That’s all there is to it! Let’s drink.”


Director Liu sent the three and their entourage into the lift.


Han Hong looked at Cheng Da Long, “I’m not happy! I want to curse.”


Cheng Da Lung: “If this was in Xiangjiang back in the day, we’re brothers would have swept away with hundreds of people …… but this is the Mainland.”


In fact, at their level they all understand.


Dare to do something in the CCTV people, either the technique is clever and hidden will not be found out, or the status is respected and powerful strength is not afraid to be found out, or …… both.




Li Tiezhu and Lengba returned to Songzhu’er’s flat, it was already almost one in the morning.


The three people did not have the slightest New Year’s festivities, and they ran through the backstage of today’s Spring Festival Gala from the beginning, and reported some details to the Warlord Rabbit, and then went to sleep.


The next day, Li Tiezhu went to the police station to understand the situation, and then and Song Zhu’er bought some gifts and went to Han Hong, Liu Le and Tenggol respectively. Of course, they were also asked by them about yesterday’s incident, this kind of thing is kept secret from the public, but there is almost no way to fool the people in the circle.


The investigation of the incident has been initially concluded, and the information obtained from the investigation is very little, pitifully little.


Firstly, the actor who gave Li Tiezhu the jelly, who had forged the pass to blend in, had been identified, but had taken a plane to Rice last night, the trail was broken.


Secondly, Sun Chao threw to the rubbish bin jelly shells disappeared, the surveillance did not capture who took the jelly shells, during which several actors were close to the rubbish bin, and formed a cover, and then the jelly shells disappeared.


Finally, a third jelly shell was found in Li Tiezhu’s lounge with a post-it note saying “Spicy Tofu Brain”. However, there was no surveillance in the lounge to ensure the actors’ privacy, so there was no clue.


Spicy Tofu Brain?


Li Tiezhu smiled, this guy is a bit arrogant! This was Li Tiezhu’s reply on Shakeology yesterday.


In the afternoon, after returning home, Zhang Xiaomeng and the Red Star Rabbit sent messages respectively. That jittery account is an overseas account, and, after they hacked in, they were tracked by rice, and both sides engaged in a relatively fierce battle of attack and defence, but still had no clue.


It seemed that this matter was likely to turn into an unsolved case.


Song Zhu’er, however, didn’t care about this, he had already started working on recruiting security personnel for Li Tiezhu.


“To be believable, I contacted Hei Waer and the others. Anyway, they are your brainwashed fans, and they also have hard practical experience, so they are more reliable than the domestic security.”


Li Tiezhu didn’t refuse this time, “Alright …… those guys are still pure, as pure as zombies.”


Song Zhu’er said, “They’ll arrive tonight around eight o’clock, I’ve already asked Moe to help arrange their accommodation life and other things.”


Li Tiezhu: “So urgent?”


Song Zhu’er: “It’s them who are in a hurry, when they heard that you were poisoned, they were as excited as when they heard about the zombie outbreak, so they immediately bought a plane ticket, and came without even negotiating the price. You are their god, ha! The main thing is, in the early hours of tonight, you’re going to the premiere of Lost in Translation. It’s better not to be sloppy.”


Li Tiezhu nodded and looked at Leng Ba, the woman had a question mark on her face.


Leng Ba: “What zombies?”

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