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The Rockstar Chapter 674

The twelve-member half-price contract security team sent by the sleepy dragon and baby phoenix group’s Hightower Security Company, led by Blake Buick and Flava Cohen, arrived in Kyoto and stationed at Li Tiezhu’s studio and home that night.


Of course, they just do the initial potential danger screening, after doing so, they left, only when Li Tiezhu went out to send people to accompany the protection.


At 9:30pm, Li Tiezhu led the main cast and crew of “Lost in Transit” to prepare for the premiere at a cinema in Kyoto.


There were many big directors and stars from Kyoto, Xiangjiang and East China Sea circles to support the show, although it was not as luxurious as the premiere of Kung Fu, but it was unique in low-budget films.


Li Tiezhu chatted with Xu Shanqian and Deer Ha Ni in a lounge, the scene work has the producer Tao Hong Auntie in charge, the three of them are not qualified to go to dictate.


Big Head and Fat Deer are still most concerned about the poisoning incident last night, but of course this matter seems to be impossible to find out at the moment.


Hei Waer pushed open the door, took a big bowl of broad noodles and handed it to Li Tiezhu, then stood in a corner. In a black suit with sunglasses and a majestic physique, Hei Waer looked cool.


Fat Deer laughed: “Wow …… this input of yours is a bit huge! More professional looking than my bodyguard, this black dude is afraid of more than two hundred pounds.”


Li Tiezhu smelled, the noodle is quite fragrant, it looks like it should be the unique secret recipe taught by Ai Enpera, he said towards Deer Hani: “Isn’t it that they are worried about my safety? I’ve also found that some people really don’t have any lower limits, so it’s better to play it safe. This is an ex-marine, they’re the ones who provided the security when I went to the Grammy’s, first class international security capability, third class price, it’s a good deal.”


Xu Shan contended, “Fart! These foreigners are bluffing, really if the first-class level, absolutely report the first-class price, how can give you cheap?”


Li Tiezhu said: “It’s really 50% off.”


Xu Shan argued: “That certainly looks like goods, really powerful are to protect dignitaries and plutocrats, the turn to you a small star?”


Hei Waer suddenly urn voice: “Le a, is a superstar!”


Xu Shanqian to the whole will not, he touched his bald head: “ah? Ah …… will speak Xichuan language? This Nima also a little bit of magic it.”


Deer Hani: “Hahahahaha …… my stomach hurts.”


Li Tiezhu said, “Their company’s security ability is first-class, and their cooking skills are superb, and in the future, when I attend events outside, many times they will be responsible for providing food, and this bowl of noodles is made by them. It seems to be made in advance and put in a thermos box, I heard, they also have an oven, frying pan and microwave in the car.”


Hei Waer proudly stood up his chest, “There is also a barbecue machine, mandarin duck hot pot, refrigerator, casserole and teppanyaki. Not to blow le word, hard to blow le word, hot pot barbecue a dragon, roast duck marinated chicken sauce board goose, iron plate squid casserole fish, randomly point! Mode menu is because we do anything out!”


Xu Shanqian and Deer Ha Ni laughed at the same time, all think Li Tiezhu was fooled miserable, this Nima is definitely not a serious security company, serious security company who damn cooking ah? When we have not invited?


Li Tiezhu pointed to the big bowl and said: “They also provide feeding services, come on, Heiwaer feed me noodles.”


Heiwaer slightly shy: “Boss son, le on the overhaul of Ha, Mo got to feed the service.”


Li Tiezhu: “Then you give me a pair of chopsticks thi!”


“Oh, oh, engage in forgot to ask.”


Heiwaer turned around and left, sunglasses too dark, almost hit the door, remove the sunglasses before finding the door handle to open the door out.


Deer Hani: “Hahahahahahaha ……”


Xu Shanqian: “Talent ah! This security company looks professional.”


Li Tiezhu was also powerless to argue, really professional ah.


Drip drip drip ……


The system’s “mind damage system” began to turn red again.


Li Tiezhu thought to himself, “Hei Waer is going to be educated by the system, I have no choice, the system is not controlled.


Song Zhu’er suddenly ran in and brought Li Tiezhu a platter of fruits: “Don’t worry about eating, I brought fruits from home.”


Xu Shanqian teased, “What if the water used to wash the fruit is poisonous?”


Song Zhu’er: “I didn’t wash it.”


Deer Ha Ni: “What if the toothpicks are poisonous?”


Songzhu’er scratches her head, “Right ho! You two eat first, they’ll be fine later, Tiezhu you’re eating.”


Xu Shanqian and Deerhani just couldn’t stop laughing.


Song Zhu’er: “Eat!”


Seeing the two eat the fruit, Song Zhu’er then left and went outside to give the arriving guests a small gift, today’s gift, was a doll of the two male leads of Lost in Transit that she had specially customised in a factory.


When Song Zhu’er left, Li Tiezhu took a toothpick and picked wide noodles to eat, until Hei Waer brought a fork. This mission was taken in too much of a hurry, and they didn’t have time to prepare thoroughly, so there were no chopsticks in the car.


After another while, it was almost ten o’clock, Li Tiezhu’s trio also arrived at screening hall number one and greeted the guests who arrived one after another. Hei Waer and another security officer followed not far away, very serious throughout.


“Hello Director Feng, who is this?”


When Li Tiezhu arrived in front of Feng Gangbao, he found that he was followed by an unfamiliar little fresh meat.


Feng Gangbao first said to the young fresh meat, “This is Li Tiezhu, next to him are Xu Shanqian and Deer Hani, all know each other, right?”


Xu Shanqian frowned slightly, the order and tone of this introduction, how did it look like Director Feng was somewhat humble. He also did not know this little fresh meat.


Deer Hani came up and shook hands with the little fresh meat, “Hello.”


He obviously knew him.


The other party was also very humble: “Deer brother is good, just call me Xiao Yang or Sonny.”


Deer Hani laughed, “That wouldn’t dare, young master you should still call me Little Deer, hahaha.”


Xu Shanqiang nodded in understanding, remembering who it was.


Feng Gangbao introduced Li Tiezhu again, “This is our young master Chen Ziyang, who is famous in the Kyoto circle, he likes your music and films very much, and says that you are his idol, this is not …… the night we ate shabu shabu, and he insisted that I bring him along. It won’t delay you guys, right?”


Li Tiezhu was indifferent: “It’s fine, it’s fine, there are still plenty of seats. Chen Ziyang, right? Welcome, welcome, feel free to sit down.”


Chen Ziyang nodded: “OK! Brother Zhu is busy to go, we will find our own place to sit, uninvited to give you trouble.”


Li Tiezhu: “It’s okay! They are all friends.”


“Yo! Column! Are you alright?”


Suddenly, another little fresh meat from not far away pounced over, swift movements, a hug Li Tiezhu.


The two security personnel almost pulled out their throwing sticks and rushed up, but fortunately was stopped by Hei Waer.


“Who is it? Get up!”


Li Tiezhu pushed him away with a forceful push.


Xiao Zhen appeared to be unsteady on his feet, staggered a step, and flung his hand.




Unbiased and solidly flung at Chen Ziyang’s face.


Chen Ziyang was confused on the spot.


He who had never been beaten in his life, felt the hot burning pain for the first time, and his brain buzzed.


Xiao Zhen said suspiciously, ”Hey? Ziyang is here too? Sorry, didn’t see you, how is it? Does it hurt? Nose isn’t deformed, right?”


Feng Gangbao was furious: “How the hell do you hit someone? Young master, are you …… okay?”


Xiao Zhen looked at Chen Ziyang: “Did brother hit you? It must have been an accidental injury! Right?”


Chen Ziyang’s face was drawn red, covering his face and squeezing out a smile, “It’s fine, I’m fine! Xiao Zhen just didn’t stand still, it shouldn’t have been intentional. Alright, let’s not block here, don’t affect Brother Zhu’s film premiere.”


After saying this, he pulled Feng Gangbao away.


Feng Gangbao whispered, “That’s it? What the hell is that Xiao Zhen thing?”


Chen Ziyang said, “People don’t do it on purpose, huh.”


Next to the deer Hani mouth open round, wow, just ate a big melon ah, although he knew that Xiao Zhen behind the capital and Chen Ziyang this side is not against, they grab resources grab very hot, but deer Hani did not think that Xiao Zhen actually so fierce.


This also dare to fight?


Li Tiezhu pulled Xiao Zhen and said: “What are you doing?”


Xiao Zhen: “I dreamed last night that he used his resources and connections to ostracise you.”


Li Tiezhu: “……”


Do you think I’ll believe it? It must be that you guys have a grudge.


“Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch ……”


“Don’t pull it hard!”




“Be careful not to hurt anyone.”


“Come on people, dismantle the chair, young master you don’t move first.”


Li Tiezhu and the others looked over, only to see, that Chen Ziyang was currently leaning on the chair in a very weird posture, one arm was stuck in the gap between the chair cushion and the backrest, it seemed that the chair was broken and could not be pulled out.


Chen Ziyang screamed in pain.


Feng Gangbao anxiously said, “Quickly find the staff and dismantle the chair.”


Song Zhu’er came over holding two dolls and said, “It can’t be dismantled! It’s unlucky to tear down the chairs for a premiere.”


Feng Gangbao: “What the hell time is it?”


Song Zhu’er said, “Let me do it! You guys hold this sister, I’ll kick the back of the chair, don’t worry, I’m an old cheater! Hey, Hallyu!”


Not giving the other party a chance to retort at all, Song Zhu’er lifted her foot and kicked it, not aiming and kicking Chen Ziyang’s arm.


Chen Ziyang: “Ahhhh–”


Xiao Zhen quickly flashed over, holding Chen Ziyang and yanking him hard outside: “Bamboo child kick, I’ll pull!”


Feng Gangbao: “Pull you sister ah, you go away.”


Song Zhu’er said: “Bear with me, that time just now doesn’t count! Hey Haha Tie!”




The back of the chair kicked open a crack, and then, it flew back and stuck tighter.


Chen Ziyang: “Ah! Ouch! Call the fire brigade!”


Feng Gangbao: “Bamboo child you stop, call the fire ……”


Song Zhu’er has retreated a few steps, group run, flying kick: “Hey ha tie!!!”




The back of the chair kicked open large cracks, you can pull out.


Xiao Zhen plucked Chen Ziyang into it, and half of his shoulder was stuck in.


This ……


Chen Ziyang: “Ow ow ow, ah ah ……”


Feng steel cannon: “You damn!”


Xiao Zhen: “I thought the force was mutual and that stuffing it inside would pop it out.”


“Get out of the way! I’ll do it.”


Hei Waer walked up, broke open the chair with one hand, and carried the screaming Chen Ziyang out with the other.


Then, Hei Waer reached out to pinch Chen Ziyang’s arm, “It’s broken.”


Xiao Zhen: “I don’t believe it, I’ll try.”


Saying that, he also went to pinch it.


Chen Ziyang: “Ah ……”


Xiao Zhen: “It seems like it did break.”


Song Zhu’er: “Really? I’ll try it too.”


Chen Ziyang: “Don’t try, it’s really broken. Uncle Feng, get someone to send me to the hospital.”


Feng Gangbao hurriedly called for someone.


After another bout of noise and chaos, Chen Ziyang was sent away.


Song Zhu’er said, “That little sister had a problem just now, I saw her reach into the chair to snap the feet of the child passing behind her, and then she got stuck.”


Li Tiezhu: “……”


Huh? How did the “Mind Damage System” colour return to normal?

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