Always Been Yours Chapter 1108

Hearing Pei Xin Yi’s words, Wen Shiyu was quite stunned and in disbelief.

“You’re giving these to me?”

“That’s right.”

Pei Xin Yi nodded her head.

Wen Shiyu was now convinced that she hadn’t just hallucinated and shook her head in a hurry, “No, this is too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

Looking at the girl rejecting herself without even thinking about it, without any greed at all, Pei Xingyi was quite satisfied.

“It’s nothing expensive or not, like I said earlier, I don’t play the zither, and these zithers stay with me are just for decoration, nothing useful, instead it’s you, since you have a dream, take these zithers and realise their value.”

She persuaded Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu was touched to the core.

All along, she had thought that her mother-in-law had not yet accepted herself, but she had not expected that she would now strongly support her dream.

“Thank you Ma ……”

She was moved to go forward and hug Pei Xin Yi, her voice a little choked up.

Pei Xin Yi stiffened, then naturally patted Wen Shiyu’s back, lost her smile and said, “There’s nothing to cry about, if you really want to thank, you should thank Shen Ye.”

“Shen Ye?”

Wen Shiyu withdrew from Pei Xin Yi’s arms, her eyes full of doubt and confusion.

Had it been Shen Ye who had asked her mother-in-law to let these zither out?

“It’s not that Shen Ye said anything to me, it’s that I wanted to give them to you myself.”

Pei Xin Yi saw through the thoughts in Wen Shiyu’s eyes and explained, “The reason why it was Shen Ye is because he has never been so persistent, for anyone, in his life.”

Speaking here, she sighed, her eyes in a trance, as if she was remembering.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu did not make a sound to disturb her.

In a few seconds, her mother-in-law’s sighing voice rang out in her ears again, “In the past, I always thought he was an emotionless robot who did nothing but work, even if Bao’er was his own flesh and blood, I didn’t see how patient he was. with his heart, so this daughter-in-law of yours, I just have to admit it even if I don’t.”

Pei Xin Yi smiled helplessly at Wen Shiyu and continued, “Since I have recognized you, I must also support you, that’s why I decided to give these to you, I only hope that you will get better and better in the future and take care of Shen Ye and Bao’er for me.”

When she met her mother-in-law’s eyes, which contained many feelings, Wen Shiyu was inwardly moved.

She promised with a firm gaze, “Don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of Shen Ye and Bao’er, and I will definitely work hard to be worthy of Shen Ye and live up to everything he has given to me.”

“Good, with this word from you, I will wait to see you stand alongside Shen Ye.”

Pei Xin Yi was now even more satisfied with Wen Shiyu and felt that this girl had ambition.

Because of her mother-in-law’s approval and gift, Wen Shiyu was in an excited and happy mood all day.

That evening, when Feng Shenye returned, he saw Wen Shiyu sitting alone on the bed, smiling like a little fool.

But learning from his previous lesson, he did not say so, but only inquired curiously, “What happened today that you are laughing so happily?”

“Today my mother-in-law gave me all the violins she has treasured for decades.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide it either, proudly sharing this matter with Feng Shenye.

When Feng Shenye heard this, he was not generally surprised.

After all, those violins were his mother’s beloved, usually no one else could touch them, but now they were all given to Wen Shiyu, how could one not be shocked.

“So that’s how it is, no wonder it made you laugh like that.”

Later in the evening, when Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye were talking, the phone placed at the bedside rang, it was the caretaker from the hospital side who called.

“Young Madam, the doctor just came over to inform that the old lady will be scheduled for chemotherapy early tomorrow morning, the hospital said that since it’s the first time, it’s best to have family members around.”

“I understand, I will go over there tomorrow morning.”

Wen Shiyu finished speaking and hung up the phone straight away.

Feng Shenye saw her frowning and inquired, “What’s wrong?”

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