Always Been Yours Chapter 851

She genuinely thinks of Tokyu as a friend.

The others, however, felt she was being fake.

They all echoed Cindy and took aim at Mona.

Seeing that the crowd was about to get into a fight, Hathaway finally spoke up and reprimanded.

“Shut up, all of you!”

At those words, everyone fell silent.

Hathaway’s unhappy eyes fell on Cindy, “I think Mona is right about one thing, you have a lot of shortcomings yourself, so if you have time to badmouth others behind their backs, you might as well reflect on yourself and improve yourself!”

Cindy’s face was ugly, but she didn’t dare to retort to Hathaway, so she could only hold her tongue.

“I know.”

Though the words were said, she glared at Mona viciously.

Mona pretended not to see it and dined on her own.

The others also came down to eat honestly.

Later in the evening, when Wen Shiyu finished her meal with the teacher, she took Bao’er with her to say goodbye.

“Teacher, it’s getting late, I want to take Bao’er back to rest.”

As she spoke, little Bao’er was already leaning against Wen Shiyu, yawning several times, looking very tired and sleepy.

Sofia was a little distressed and quickly waved her hand to let mother and son go back.

After returning, Wen Shiyu had just settled Little Treasure down when she received a video call from Feng Shenye.

“How was your day?”

“Pretty good.”

Wen Shiyu smiled as she shared the events of the day, only when she was talking about going to dinner with her teacher in the evening, she paused.

Feng Shenye immediately sensed that something was wrong and said with concern, “Why did you stop talking? Did something unhappy happen?”

“It’s not something unhappy, it’s just that when I was having dinner with my teacher, I bumped into Hathaway, and I …… still have more or less a hard time in my heart, she’s lost a lot of weight although she still looks in good spirits.”

Wen Shiyu said the thoughts in his heart.

Feng Shenye advised, “Don’t think so much, things have already pa*sed, you don’t need to feel self-condemnation.”

“I know, I’ve slowly let it go, you don’t have to worry about me, I just suddenly have some emotions.”

Looking at the little wife in the video, she didn’t look sad, and Feng Shenye then nodded his head.

He just didn’t want to talk about this topic anymore, so he turned the conversation around and smiled, “I’m planning to come over to see you and Bao’er at the end of the month.”

At this, Wen Shiyu was overjoyed and quite looking forward to it.

This was because the end of the month happened to be Feng Shenye’s birthday.

Meanwhile, in a villa in the suburbs.

Kathleen, who had changed her name to Susan, stared darkly at herself in the mirror, the corners of her mouth curling into a wry smile.

In the mirror, her appearance had long since changed from the original Kathleen.

At this moment, her face had been draped in a mask, a completely different person.

The face, as she had requested, was exquisite, with long, curly blonde hair and a pair of amber eyes, pure and seductive, as if a combination of an angel and a goblin.

And in order to keep people from suspecting her identity, as well as revealing herself.

During this period of time, she had been adapting to her new identity at the villa, changing the habits and hobbies that used to belong to Cathleen.

“Wen Shiyu, I’ll be ready to seek your revenge soon.”

Susan raised her hand to trace her silhouette on the mirror, her voice grim and spiteful.

At that moment, a knock on the door interrupted Susan’s thoughts.

“Miss, sir is calling you downstairs for dinner.”

“I see.”

A few minutes later, Susan sat down at the table, her face expressionless as she ate the dish she once disliked the most.

Lauryn nodded with relief as he looked at his reformed daughter, who no longer looked anything like Kathleen.

He took a sip of his wine and enquired, “Do you have any plans for the future now that you have completely settled into your new identity?”


Susan paused in her meal and half-squinted her eyes, the colour of her eyes dark and heavy, making it impossible to see what she was thinking.

After a moment, she asked instead of answering, “What is Wen Shiyu doing these days?”

Hearing this, Laurie En probably guessed what her daughter meant and told her exactly what had happened to Wen Shiyu during this period.


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