I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1263

These ladies of wealth muttered under their breath.

If Rong Shu had heard them, she would probably have found them amusing, and perhaps even thanked them for fighting for her.

Of course, all this was unknown to either Rong Shu or Fu Jingting.

Opposite Fu Jingting, Su Man sat in her wheelchair, her mind buzzing.

Fu Jingting’s words, ‘Are you the daughter of the Su family’, had scared her so badly that now, cold sweat was breaking out on her back, her dress was wet and stuck to her back, even in the heated banquet hall, she felt cold, and her heart was even more panicked and confused.

How could it be!

How could he have said such a thing?

Could it be that he knew that she was not the daughter of the Su family?

And said that he wasn’t just, just testing?

Su Man didn’t know what the situation was, so not only did she take it lightly, she could only tightly grip the armrests on both sides of her wheelchair, took a deep breath and said with forced calmness: “Mr. Fu, what do you mean by that, what do you mean I am the daughter of the Su family? I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand, can you elaborate on that?”

She stared closely at Fu Jingting, attempting to see something on his face.

But unfortunately, Fu Jingting was still expressionless, and Su Man was unable to see anything on his face that she wanted to know.

This made her feel angry and annoyed.

This D*mned man was still so impenetrable.

“There is no need for you to test me, you know very well what I mean don’t you, although you and Su Cheng both say you are father and daughter, but whether you are father and daughter or not, do you think I won’t investigate? As it turns out, the results of my investigation show that you are not father and daughter at all. Either you have lied to Su Cheng and Su Cheng does not know that you are not his daughter, but this scenario is almost impossible, a person like Su Cheng is not something you can fool, so there are only two scenarios left, one is that you were specially found by Su Cheng to impersonate his daughter, but you did not know it yourself and thought you were really his daughter, or the other is that you are still Su Cheng found you to be his daughter, but you yourself were aware that you were not his daughter, but for some reason you accepted the condition of pretending to be father and daughter with him, and obviously, the way your heart is weak at the moment proves that you are this last scenario.”

Fu Jingting’s words caused Su Man to completely strain the expression on her face, her expression flustered, “You ……”

D*mn, he actually really knew that she and Su Cheng were not father and daughter.

Then he shouldn’t, already know that she ……

No, it couldn’t be.

If he knew, she wouldn’t still be able to appear in front of him so smoothly, but would have been caught by him long ago.

So, she still had a way back.

No panic, absolutely no panic.

The more she panicked, the more her attention would be drawn to her, and in case he found out anything, it would really be the end.

Su Man kept rea*suring herself in her heart to be calm while hurriedly adjusting the expression on her face so as not to reveal more.

“I admit that I am not indeed Su Cheng’s daughter, but he specially found me to impersonate him. As for the reason, it is very simple, Su Cheng has a grudge against you, I am not very clear about what the grudge is, I only know that it is a grudge from the previous generation. It was to get close to you, the best way to take you, Mr. Fu, and become your woman, only then would I have the chance to be the inside man and pa*s on your news to Su Cheng at all times.”

These words were not false, this was indeed the purpose of her coming to Hai City.

But it was only one of them.Www.xswanshu. ORG

The other purpose well ……

Su Man’s eyes flickered, then lowered her head, completely covering the look in her eyes, and on her face she went on to smile, “Just like tonight, Su Cheng took the trouble to get me in, he also wanted me to come close to you, after all, my mission is to become your woman, if I don’t even have the chance to see you, how can I become your woman, this is not he can only create opportunities for me, and the The banquet is undoubtedly the best opportunity, and he naturally doesn’t want to miss it, and I’m just a small person he’s holding, so what can I do but come to the banquet to get close to you, Mr. Fu.”

She pretended to sigh helplessly and spread her hands again, “In fact, Mr. Fu, our first meeting was also arranged by Su Cheng, Su Cheng knew from somewhere that you would pa*s by that road that night, so he specially asked me to wait there and then appear in front of your car, he asked me to do so despite my life, in order to let me appear in a different way, so that you could The first time I targeted Miss Rong in your ward, it wasn’t out of my own will either, everything was arranged by Su Cheng, I was innocent too.”

In short, just put it all on Su Cheng.

Fu Jingting’s face remained unchanged, and the look in Su Man’s eyes, on the contrary, was slightly mocking, “Do you think I believe that?”

Su Man hastily raised her head to look at him, “Mr. Fu, what I said is true, I am really innocent, everything is Su Cheng’s order, I am just a small person, I simply do not dare to disobey her, so everything I do is forced, including several times against Miss Rong, all because of Su Cheng’s words, Su Cheng said, only by driving Miss Rong away from you, I will have a chance to If you hadn’t blown my cover tonight, I wouldn’t have dared to tell you about this, and you would still think that it was all my own idea, but it really wasn’t. I’m telling you this now because I really want you to know that I’m really helpless, and you can trust me, Mr. Fu.”

She looked as if she had a pitiful look of being aggrieved.

If it were an ordinary man, he might have really believed her, and would have felt that she was really pitiful, actually being coerced into doing something she didn’t want to do.

But what kind of man was Fu Jingting?

What kind of people has he not met before?

Naturally, he could see at a glance how fake the woman in front of him was, and how ridiculous the words he said were.

What is not from one’s own wish, what is being coerced and enticed.

Perhaps Su Cheng did treat this woman like this, but this woman herself is not a good one, Su Cheng asked her to do something, she may not be reluctant either.

Now she is saying this to him, just to take herself out.

This kind of person, he had seen a lot.

“I don’t believe any of the words you said.” Fu Jingting lightly opened his thin lips, his voice clear and cold.

Su Man originally thought that she had acted pitifully enough, even if this man would not believe it completely, but in her heart she had some doubts, but who would have thought that this man was so hard-hearted that he did not believe it at all.

How dare she say so much just now, but all of it was just bullsh*t?

Su Man peeked at Fu Jingting and saw the mocking expression on Fu Jingting’s face, and the aggression on her face instantly froze on her face, and her heart burst into flames.

Can one not be furious?

She said that she did this, put herself in a pathetic way, just to win this man’s sympathy, so that this man would not suspect that she and Su Cheng are half a catty and thus suspect that she has another layer of identity, so she deliberately said this, put herself in a pathetic way, anyway, that she is definitely not a bad person, bad because she was forced by Su Cheng, not herself bad.

Only in this way will Fu Jingting not think too much about the fact that she and Su Cheng are in cahoots from start to finish, and that she is not the one who wants to target them.

Only then could one detach oneself from the man’s list of suspicions.

But the current situation was obviously different from what she had thought, this man, too, did not follow the routine, which made her a little embarra*sed.

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