I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1270

Meng Ke knew she was like this because she was disgusted by her legs and wanted to throw up.

But then again, considering her mood, she had resisted the urge to vomit to the death, hence her reaction.

Meng Ke didn’t think there was anything to be angry about in Rong Shu’s reaction like that.

Perhaps from the beginning, she did find it unacceptable for others to show such a reaction when they saw these legs of hers, and she would still get angry and make a fuss when they were revealed.

But as she saw more, she got used to it and gradually became able to take it in her stride.

After all, what was the point of getting angry?

What could be done to restore these legs to their original state?

So instead of worrying about how others would react to seeing these legs, she could just regulate her own mind.

“It’s hard to see, isn’t it Miss Rong?” Meng Ke blandly lowered the hem of her skirt and covered those legs back up.

Rong Shu took a few deep breaths, which gradually calmed her vibrating mind, her eyes looked at her in a complicated manner and nodded slowly, “It’s a bit shocked, these legs of yours ……”

“Gu Mangyin did it.” Meng Ke calmly told Rong Shu, the culprit who had put herself in this position.

Rongshu hmmmed, “I guessed, you just said you hated Gu Manyin and then showed me these legs, so naturally I guessed who did it, but what was the reason?”

“What else could it be? Jealousy.” Meng Ke sneered, “This was many years ago, about seven or eight years ago, once I accompanied Gu Mangyin to the mall, Gu Mangyin liked a cla*sic little black dress from the D family. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public, including the provision of services to the public, the provision of services to the public, and the provision of services to the public. ”

Speaking of this, Meng Ke’s eyes were scarlet red, her eyes full of hatred for Gu Manyin.

Rongshu could imagine how painful it was to have a pot of boiling water poured over her body alive, so she felt sympathy for Meng Ke.

But it was only sympathy.

“Do you know, Miss Rong? I was almost scalded alive by her, if it wasn’t for a maid who came out in time at the critical moment, Gu Mangyin would have been charged with murder, I’m sure she would never have helped me call an ambulance and would have wanted me to be scalded alive, because when I was rolling around all over the floor, she was standing right next to me with a quick smile on her face, not even feeling any sense of panic or guilt for her actions, so I knew that she just wanted me to die. That day, I was sent straight to the resuscitation room, after that I stayed in the icu for another month before being discharged, then after I was discharged, Gu Manyin came to me crying falsely, saying that she didn’t do it on purpose, that her hand just slipped, asking me to forgive her, hehe, how funny!”

Meng Ke gritted her teeth, “How could her hand slip on such a big kettle? If her hand had slipped, she should have called an ambulance for me in the first place and tried to ease my pain, how could she have stood by and laughed indifferently? I could only convince myself that she didn’t mean it, because I knew that my family needed the Gu family’s help and that my parents could use this incident to ask for favours from the Gu family, and since I was destined to sacrifice for them anyway, I could naturally get more benefits for them. But I never thought that Gu Manyin would still refuse to let me go!”

“The scars on your legs, although I only glanced at them, I also saw that in addition to the scalding scars, there are also scars from sharp weapons cuts, those stitching scars are.” Rong Shu lightly opened her red lips and said faintly.

The first time I was in the hospital, Gu Mangyin’s birthday arrived, and as her lapdog, I was naturally an invitee, although I then went to her birthday party, during which she, as the birthday girl, was to personally pour the champagne tower. , she stood on the stool, at first she was still pouring the wine in a disciplined manner, then halfway through the pouring, but she suddenly shouted, her body fell towards the champagne tower, although in the end she was pulled in time and did not fall and make a fool of herself, but her hand, but touched the champagne tower, I was on the opposite side of the champagne tower, more than ten layers of champagne tower fell directly towards me ……”

“You can’t get away.” Rongshu said with certainty.

Meng Ke bit her lip, “Yes, I was not recovered at that time, still in a wheelchair, the champagne tower fell down too fast, legs are good are not necessarily able to dodge, let alone a wheelchair. Then my whole body was buried under the champagne tower and the gla*ses broke all over the place, and I have these stitch scars on my legs from the debris, and I have several scars even on my body, out of both legs, which is why, I never wear naked dresses.”

“Speaking of which, I guess it’s true.” Rongshu rubbed her chin.

She had indeed seen Meng Ke several times as well, and did see her dressed tightly each time.

But she had never thought much about the reason for it, after all, everyone’s dressing style was different.

But now she realised that this was actually the reason.

“Of course, it doesn’t matter what kind of dress you wear, what matters is that I know that Gu Manyin also did it on purpose that time, she just wanted to completely ruin my legs, and she did succeed, I can’t recover from these legs even with surgery, so how can I not hate her!”

Meng Ke gripped the hem of her dress with a deadly grip, her face looked extraordinarily twisted and hideous because of her monstrous hatred, “But because of her past identity, I couldn’t do anything, I could only bury all this hatred in my heart, but now it’s different, she’s become a dog that everyone shouts at, I can take revenge, it’s just that my forces have money, I can’t find her, so I can only pin my hopes on someone else.”

“This someone else, that’s me?” Rongshu raised her eyes.

Meng Ke nodded, “Yes, I’m sorry Miss Rong, I know I’m also using you, but I have no choice, the only people I can think of who can find Gu Manyin are you and Mr. Fu, so I extraordinarily hope that you will hurry up and find her and get her killed, so that would be the same as me getting my revenge too, and Miss Rong, I can also provide you with some of the places Gu Manyin has appeared in these few months clues.”

“What did you say?” Rong Shu was still a little angry at this woman’s wishful thinking, but when she heard her say the places where Gu Manyin had appeared, she had to pay attention to it.

“You’re saying that Gu Manyin has appeared in the past few months?”


“Impossible!” Rongshu pursed her lips, “Didn’t you say that Gu Manyin hadn’t even come looking for you, so how did you know that Gu Manyin had appeared there?”

She looked suspiciously at Meng Ke in front of her.

Meng Ke slapped her cheeks, temporarily put away her hatred for Gu Manyin, and hurriedly replied: “Gao Meiling said it, Gao Meiling is also someone who hates Gu Manyin so much that she wants to kill her. I’ve been looking for her, and I’ve really found some clues.”

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