I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1271

“Oh?” Rong Shu’s heart beat faster and her fists couldn’t help but clench up as she urged, “Tell me quickly, what kind of clue is it.”

Seeing Rongshu’s eagerness to know Gu Manyin’s clues, Meng Ke was happy in her heart.

After all, only the more Rongshu cared about this meant that the more Rongshu hated Gu Manyin, the more she wanted to find Gu Manyin to take revenge.

As long as Gu Manyin was dead, her years of hatred could be put to rest.

Thinking of this, Meng Ke sucked in a breath, his face forcibly suppressing the exuberance in his heart as he returned, “Gao Meiling said that Gu Manyin had once appeared in the Kimchi Country.”

“Kimchi country?” Rongshu froze slightly, “How could she have gone to the kimchi country?”

Meng Ke shook her head, “I don’t know, neither does Gao Meiling. Gao Meiling’s friend only told her that Gu Manyin had indeed appeared in the kimchi country, and that Gao Meiling’s friend’s friend had seen her by chance at the airport in the kimchi country, but at that time, Gao Meiling’s friend’s friend, didn’t care about this detail, and knew that she had come to the country to get together with Gao Meiling’s friend, and learned that Gao Meiling’s friend was looking for After that, Gao Meiling’s friend continued to investigate and found out that Gu Mangyin had appeared in the capital again last month.”

“The capital!” Rongshu’s expression changed.

Meng Ke said, “Gao Meiling’s friend said she was in the capital, but she didn’t see Gu Manyin with her own eyes, she just went to the public security office once and heard a man named Gu Manyin. I just went to the public security office once and heard that there was a woman named Gu Manyin in the public security office. But what is certain is that Gu Manyin is indeed still alive and has appeared in the capital. Now Gao Meiling has already left for the capital, ready to start investigating from the public security side, ready to find Gu Manyin, so Miss Rong, if you and Mr. Fu also investigate, you will definitely be faster than Gao Meiling, after all, your power is bigger than Gao Meiling.”

At this moment, Rong Shu’s heart was still beating fast and she couldn’t calm down.

It couldn’t be helped, it was because the clues Meng Ke had provided were too much for her to care about.

She had always wanted to find Gu Manyin, but Gu Manyin had evaporated, no matter how she searched, she could not find the slightest trace of her whereabouts.

Even if she was as powerful as Fu Jingting, she could not find her, so she could see how good Gu Manyin was at hiding.

Now, it was so easy for someone to tell her where Gu Manyin had been, so how could she not be excited?

“Meng Ke, for the sake of you providing so many clues, I’ll let your move of trying to use me for revenge go.” Rongshu looked at Meng Ke.

Meng Ke was overjoyed in her heart and was about to say something.

Rongshu added, “And don’t worry, if we do find her this time, I will let you know, and I will also let you meet, and when the time comes, you can do whatever you want.”

At those words, Meng Ke’s eyes lit up and she bowed excitedly, “That’s really great, thank you Miss Rong.”

Rong Shu patted her shoulder and quickly walked away past her.

She wanted to take this news and tell Fu Jingting.

Soon, Rong Shu returned to the previous lounge area and saw from afar the man who was sitting on the sofa, out of place from the people around him, in a world of his own.

The man’s eyes were slightly closed, as if he was taking a nap, but the red wine that kept shaking in his hand showed that he was not taking a nap, he just did not want to open his eyes to see the world.

“Jingting.” Rongshu walked over and softly called out to the man.

The man’s shaking of the red wine stopped, and the next moment, his eyes opened, and he saw the figure of a woman walking towards him.

The woman’s figure was slender and graceful, and she looked particularly good when she walked, especially her slender, swaying waist, which was a sight to behold.

Fu Jingting glanced coldly at the men who were stealing glances at the woman, with a warning meaning.

Those men sensed his displeasure and hurriedly shrank their necks and withdrew their gazes, not daring to look again.

The men thought to themselves, “Although beauty is beautiful, life is more important.”

The men thought with a sigh in their hearts.

The women, especially the ladies, were rolling their eyes to the sky, cursing the superficial men in their hearts.

Aren’t they good looking?

Why did they have to stare at Rong Shu alone?

They were so angry.

She stopped in front of the man and gave him a beautiful smile.

The man looked at her, his eyes darkened, “Back?”

“Mm.” Rongshu nodded slightly, “Back.”

Fu Jingting put down his wine gla*s, took her wrist and pulled her to sit beside him, then under the intentional peeking of everyone in the banquet hall, he took her into his arms.

The crowd instantly sighed.

Huh ……

Is it so hard to part with a hug right after we meet?

Of course, no matter how much the crowd spat in their hearts, they couldn’t stop the two from making their move.

Although Rongshu was a little embarra*sed, she still didn’t push the man away after all, she just blushed a little and said to the man, “Well, let go of me now, everyone is watching.”

“Let them watch if they want to, let’s hug ours, I miss you.”

Fu Jingting leaned his head on Rong Shu’s shoulder, his voice low and hoarse, and faintly, there was a kind of pampering implication.

Rongshu was a bit amused, “We’re not separated, why are you acting like this?”

“Who says no, we’ve been apart for an hour.” Fu Jingting raised his head and looked at her with a serious expression.

As if this was a very serious matter.

Looking at it, Rong Shu felt even more amused.

“It’s only been an hour, you’re like this, I thought we’d been apart for a long time.” Rongshu said.

Fu Jingting put his head back on her shoulder, “To me, it means that it’s been a long time apart, the fact that I can say so accurately that we’ve been apart for an hour is enough to show that I’ve been watching the time and thinking about you at all times during this hour, how about you? Did you miss me?”

Rongshu rolled her eyes and cried back, “Of course, I have thought about you too.”

If she said she didn’t, she could guarantee that the dog man would not stop.

Sure enough, hearing that Rong Shu also missed herself, Fu Jingting was instantly happy, his thin lips raised.

Although the arc was very shallow, those who had been watching them at the banquet still saw it, and for a while, they were surprised.

My god, Mr. Fu actually smiled, and smiled so sweetly.

Tsk, I really didn’t expect that Mr. Fu would actually look like this when he was in love.

It’s no different from how ordinary people look when they fall in love.

Of course, this is what the men thought.

The women, on the other hand, were even more sour and envious of Rong Shu.

It was because Fu Jingting was no different from ordinary men when it came to falling in love that made them envy Rong Shu even more.

Because at first, they thought that even if Mr. Fu was in love, he would be the one on the high side, not smiling and needing coaxing from his female partner.

When he was with Rongshu, he would not show his superior side at all, nor would he make a face all the time, treating Rongshu like his own subordinate and requiring her to spend more energy to maintain the relationship.

Rather, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Mr. Fu was the one who relied on Rongshu even more.

How nice!

The women were overwhelmed with emotion.

Of course, they were envious, but they still did not intend to do anything.

After all, they knew very well that even if they did anything, they would not succeed and would instead invite retaliation from Mr. Fu and involve the family behind them, so why bother?

However, Su Man in another corner looked at the reaction of these women, but was furious with them, and the whole group was furious.

This group of useless trash!

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