Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4007

Nearly twenty years have pa*sed since the events of those days.

There was no way to know what was right or wrong.

Lin Mo could only surmise a few things from Director Qiu’s retelling.

For the Black Garden at that time, a force master with a few hundred people had slept with the heir to their force.

This was naturally an extremely dishonourable thing.

Considering the face asked, Black Garden would naturally choose to keep the matter under wraps.

And Black Rose’s parents had died young and her grandmother had gone quickly.

So much so that Black Rose never knew about these secret matters.

Only remembering the existence of such a person among the images.

“Can you show me the place where I am being held?”

The Black Rose did not refuse, the matter of which was a little difficult to say.

“Everyone is forbidden to go to the backyard since Grandmother gave the order.”

“That place hasn’t been cleaned for over ten years.”

To this Lin Mo did not care: “It doesn’t matter, show me around!”

“Well, that’s fine!”

With that said Black Rose got up and introduced herself in front.

Arriving at the destination.

The gate of the courtyard was already in disarray from the erosion of the rain.

Lin Mo just raised his hand and touched it.

The gate creaked and collapsed straight away.

In the courtyard, which had not been tended to for many years, the weeds in this matter were already more than a person high.

As Lin Mo raised his hand, he waved it.

The breeze rose out of thin air.

As for the weeds in front of him, they collapsed to the ground as the breeze brushed past.

At this moment, a small pavilion appeared in front of the two of them.

Although it had been uninhabited for years and had fallen into disrepair.

But the loft is still standing stubbornly.

It was only the moss that filled it that had completely encased it.

The rust-filled iron locks scattered directly into broken pieces at the slightest touch.

As the door was spread open, the breeze stayed within its loft to fill the sky with dust.

“And you guys never came to take care of it?”

Lin Mo looked inside the attic, three fingers thick sunken head, his brow could not help but frown.

“Grandmother gave an order before she was born that other than the maids in charge of living, others are strictly forbidden to come here.”

“This place has gradually been forgotten over time.”

Black Rose explained as she covered her mouth and nose over and over again.

Lin Mo shook speechlessly as his Qi around him shook.

The doors and windows within the isolation were instantly washed away.

And the thick dust was also blown straight out.

It was only at this moment that Lin Mo completely saw the initial appearance of the loft.

The most striking thing was the spirit sign above the main hall.

As Lin Mo approached, he saw the inscription on the spirit tablet.

‘The spirit tablet of the eldest daughter Pei Ran’

In front of the spirit tablet, there was a small incense censer.

Inside it was densely packed with long incense roots.

It was obvious that someone had been worshipping here since Pei Ran’s death.

As for the identity of the worshipper, there was no way to know.

Black Rose stared at the spirit tablet and the casket that followed it.

“Mr. Lin, is this my great-aunt?”


Lin Mo nodded, and then took out the long incense in the drawer.

Light it up!

Black Rose’s face changed and changed as she looked at the spirit sign in front of her with a puzzled expression.

Who would have thought that this woman, who had been imprisoned in the backyard, would be her own great-aunt.

Only after Lin Mo had finished paying his respects did he then continue to speak.

“Of course your great-aunt she has another identity.”

“Ma Bangde’s wife!”

Hearing these words, Black Rose fiercely paused in her incense offering.

There was a look of disbelief in her eyes.

“My great-aunt is Ma Bangde’s wife?”

“That’s simply impossible.”

At this moment, she only felt ridiculous to the extreme.

If she hadn’t gritted her teeth all the way through.

Their Black Garden would have perished at the hands of the Knife Sect long ago.

Such a surprisingly was her great aunt’s husband.

Black Rose one was simply unable to accept it between now and then.

After Lin Mo sighed.

He still decided to tell Black Rose the secret of the year.

“When you were young, your great aunt Peiran, in fact, had already made a private arrangement with Ma Bang ……”

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