Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4055

When you reach the realm of the Patriarch.

Not only will your strength increase wildly.

The strength of the flesh also changes drastically.

The best way to describe the strength of a master’s body is to see that bullets do not invade and shells do not hurt.

Especially since Lin Mo’s body had been tempered many times before he entered the Sovereign.

Nowadays, in terms of physical body level alone, he completely left other Zongshi behind by a large margin.

Yet even so, his own disciple’s attack had surprisingly broken through his fleshly defence.

Although it was only a sliver, it could not cause any substantial damage to Lin Mo.

But it was enough, and Lin Mo was shocked.

One should know that it had only been less than a month before and after Lin Wu Hate had stepped into the martial dao.

What kind of monster was this!

If she was given another half a year or a year’s time.

How far would this disciple of his own grow to?

Thinking about this, Lin Mo couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of urgency.

If his own disciple were to break through the Saint before him, then wouldn’t he, as a master, lose face.

In order to prevent such a thing from happening, Lin Mo specially instructed Lin Wu Hate.


“If in the future you are ready to transcend the mortal and break the saint, remember to inform my master!”

“When you pour, talk over the insights with my master!”

Although it is good to be better than blue out of blue.

But if it was too much of a victory, wouldn’t Blue be embarra*sed!

Although Lin Wu Hate did not know what it meant, but since Lin Mo had spoken, she nodded directly and obediently without any hesitation.

Seeing this, Lin Mo was also satisfied and stroked the top of his disciple’s head.

“Good disciple, it’s not in vain that my master loves you so much!”

After saying that, Lin Mo took his disciple along on the journey home.

There were no words along the way.

Fortunately, when Lin Mo’s master and disciple arrived at the outskirts of the front line of the three districts, the women of the Black Garden were still waiting for them and had not left.

Only a group of women, their faces were extremely anxious.

“What’s wrong with you all?”

As soon as the adjutant saw Lin Mo, Shun Jiang’s eyes lit up.

That look was as if he had seen a savior.

“Mr. Lin Mo, you’ve finally come!”

“Our Eldest Miss, the situation is extremely bad right now ……”

Without waiting for the adjutant to finish, Lin Mo came directly to Black Rose’s body with a flash.

After checking a bit.

Lin Mo’s complexion also turned grave.

After the delay before and after, Black Rose’s injuries had reached a point where she could not afford to wait.

Even with the suppression of the divine Needle of Creation, her body was too weak.

Although she was still hanging on by a thread, she was already in a state of near death.

The internal organs were bleeding continuously.

Black Rose’s small abdomen was already bulging high.

With such a serious injury, Lin Mo did not dare to delay and immediately ordered someone to untie Black Rose’s outer garment.

The adjutant and the others did not act straight away, instead their faces were hesitant.

Lin Mo immediately scolded angrily.

“What time is it that you still have to worry about this?”

“Is innocence important, or is life important!”

The deputy’s expression shook at these words.


There was nothing left if you died!

Thinking of this to be difficult, she immediately squatted down and removed the clothes for Black Rose.

All the way until after leaving a single piece of underwear behind, the adjutant then stopped.

“Mr. Lin, I’ll trouble you!”

After Lin Mo nodded, he immediately took out the silver needles.

After sealing several key acupuncture points of Black Rose, he immediately inserted the silver needles into the small of Black Rose’s abdomen.

Under Lin Mo’s guidance, countless bruises of blood began to spill out of Black Rose’s body along the silver needles.

She waited until her bulging belly shrank back and eventually returned to its normal form.

Only then did Lin Mo stop his hand movements.

Only at this time, Black Rose’s face had already turned pale to the extreme.

Her body also began to turn colder and colder.

This situation was a sign of a ma*sive loss of vitality.

Seeing such a phenomenon, Lin Mo was also greatly anxious in his heart.

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