Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4056

In the wilderness, there were no herbs to use at all.

A few silver needles alone could not have healed Black Rose’s internal injuries of such severity.

The thought came to this.

Lin Mo simply gritted his big teeth.

“F*ck, it’s really a bargain for you!”

After cursing angrily, he immediately pierced his chest directly with his giant sword.

Spiritual Qi ran!

A drop of blood that was even more dazzling than a ruby slowly seeped out from where the wound was.

This was precisely the root of a martial artist’s most bloodline, heart blood!

With the appearance of this object, Lin Mo’s aura instantly fell.

On his pale face, beads of sweat continued to pour out.

He was already suffering from internal injuries, but at this moment, he was forcing out another drop of heart blood.

It was an act of adding insult to injury.

Lin Mo braced himself for the feeling of spinning in the sky and dropped the precious heart blood into Black Rose’s mouth.

With this item in her belly.

The deadly aura around Black Rose’s body instantly disappeared without a trace.

The internal organs in her body, which had already been shattered, began to fuse at a rapid pace.

The broken blood veins also began to heal on their own.

However, as her internal injuries were rapidly healed.

The aura around her body also became increasingly messy.

The whole person slowly became bloated.

Not good!

Seeing this, Lin Mo secretly cried out in dismay.

In his haste to heal Black Rose’s internal injuries, he had forgotten that her body’s foundation was too weak to withstand his heart’s blood.

He himself was an expert at the Patriarch realm, plus he had come all this way.

First, he had experienced the Tai Ah bloodline cleansing, and then he had taken a vast amount of heavenly herbs of the level of the disciples of the Hidden Sect.

Plus the transformation of the walking corpse virus and the washing of his flesh again on top of Bashan’s body.

All these things have not only forged Lin Mo’s super strong physical body and terrifying self-healing ability.

His own blood is a healing elixir, not to mention the root cause of the blood, his heart blood.

This item, at the same time, also contained the terrifying power of his Sovereign Realm.

Now that Black Rose had taken it, it was completely equivalent to swallowing a bomb.

Thinking about this.

Lin Mo immediately asked someone to serve Black Rose, while he himself immediately sat on the ground and lifted his hand and pressed it against Black Rose’s back.

He was able to hold on to his swollen brain and the strong feeling of vertigo.

Lin Mo clenched his teeth and began to channel the violent power in Black Rose’s body.

It was not known how long had pa*sed.

Lin Mo’s consciousness was already blurred, and his eyelids seemed to be hung with scales, drooping downwards.

At this moment, Black Rose had also finally awakened.

Along with a tremor of Qi around his body, a powerful force burst out from his body.

And this became the last straw to crush the camel.

The aura that burst out directly pushed Lin Mo to.

It was only Lin Wu Hate who was quick to see and help the weak Lin Mo.

“Master, are you alright?”

Seeing Lin Mo’s pale and godless face.

Her heart couldn’t help but tighten, and the gaze she looked at Black Rose again was written with murderous intent.

“Dog woman, how dare you see my master harmed so badly, take your life!”

As the words fell, the pitch-black longsword in his hand once again manifested.

The Ghost Shadow Step activated.

Only a few streaks of shadow were left in the air.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Wu Hate arrived in front of Black Rose’s body.

“Give me death!”

With a delicate shout, the long sword in her hand came out here.

If it was in the past.

Black Rose would not have been able to dodge in the face of such a swift strike.

However, at this moment, he subconsciously clicked his foot.

His body retreated backwards like a ghost, easily dodging the fatal blow.

And just when Lin Wu Hate was planning to pursue the attack.

Behind him, Lin Mo suddenly vocalised.

“Wu Hate, stop for me!”

This word also used up the last trace of his energy.

His eyes went black and he collapsed straight down.

Seeing this, Lin Wu Hate gave up the chase and turned to dart away, steadily catching Lin Mo.

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