Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4057

Worked until dark.

Lin Mo’s eyelids also became heavier and heavier. Sleepiness struck in bursts.

By the time Black Rose refined the last medicinal juice in her hand and turned back.

Lin Mo was already whistling himself to sleep.

He had seen this man’s magnificent stance.

Defeating two with one, fighting against a sect leader.

He had seen this man’s cold style.

In order to keep himself a secret, he had directly forced himself to swallow the Pill of Erosion.

At the same time, I have also seen his tender side.

When he mentioned his family, the happy smile at the corner of his mouth was extraordinarily sweet.

Black Rose had seen Lin Mo in all his gestures.

The only thing she hadn’t thought of was that this man would be like this before her, so vain and haggard.

That look could not help but make one’s heart ache.

Walking to the bedside, Black Rose picked up the quilt and gently covered Lin Mo with it.

At that moment, the moonlight fell and the silver veil covered Lin Mo’s handsome cheeks.

For a moment, Black Rose couldn’t help but be mesmerised.

Under the spell, she slowly lifted her arm.

Until the moment her fingertips touched Lin Mo’s cheek.

A tingling current instantly ran through Black Rose’s entire body, and this caused her to jolt awake.

After she noticed her actions, she immediately drew back her arm, her face instantly flushed red.

In response to the silver moonlight, the shy look was lovely.

“It must be so happy to be married to a man like that!”

After murmuring a sentence, Black Rose felt her cheeks burning even more.

After sensing some movement around her and making sure no one else was around, she nervously raised her hand again.

Her delicate jade hand caressed her handsome face!

At this very moment, Lin Mo suddenly put his hand towards his cheek.

With this move, Black Rose, like a frightened rabbit, immediately retracted her hand in panic.

Her heart violently began to beat violently.

Fortunately, the sleeping Lin Mo only scratched his cheek and then turned over.

His breathing also became even.

Black Rose was so frightened that she did not dare to stay here any longer.

After a reluctant glance at Lin Mo, she covered her burning cheeks and fled the room in a panic.

Inside the room.

Peace returned once again.

It was not until the moon was in the sky that Lin Mo’s eyes snapped open.

It was not that he had woken up from his sleep.

Rather, it was his body’s instinctive reaction that alerted him to the danger that was approaching.

He turned his eyes.

There was a hunched back standing beside the bed.

Lin Mo’s heart tightened and he subconsciously tried to take the tai a from the bed.

However, this impulse was instantly suppressed by him.

Instead, he spoke calmly and composedly.

“Senior Ghosts, you’re not sleeping in the middle of the night and you’ve come to my room.”

“It’s not like you have any bad habits, right!”

The ghostly old man smiled faintly.

Only this smile carried a bit of oozing under the moonlight.

“Mr. Lin, I heard from the people below that you were injured.”

“So I thought I would come over to visit for a while, and in the meantime, help Lin to stand guard.”

“To prevent people with bad intentions!”

The tone between his words was filled with a strong sense of concern.

But Lin Mo was unwilling to believe even a single punctuation mark in this old man’s words.

“I’m sorry for your trouble, senior.”

“But if there are curmudgeons with evil intentions.”

“Just so I can try out whether this sword is still sharp or not.”

Following the words, Lin Mo then grabbed the Tai Ah on the side.

A biting sword qi, if any, drifted through the room.

To a Zong Shi, this sword qi was like a strong light in the dark night.

It was particularly conspicuous.

The ghostly old man naturally sensed it too.

“It is good that Mr. Lin is unharmed, so I am relieved.”

With that he turned his words around and asked with a concerned look.

“I wonder, what kind of opponent did Mr. Lin encounter?”

“Surprisingly, it could make you injured as well.”

Lin Mo cursed in his heart when he heard this.

Old immortal!

How dare you try to set me up.

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