The Real Dragon Chapter 3511

Dexter wade cursed angrily, “Gra*s! Stephen Thompson, what the f*ck are you pretending to be? Bruce wade was as kind to you as a mountain back then, but now you’ve turned around and become a dog for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

        Stephen Thompson shouted angrily, “Someone, slap him!”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Dexter wade’s old men rushed forward, grabbed him and slapped him in the face.

        Dexter wade was furious and cursed angrily, “You …… minions, how dare you hit me?”

        Stephen Thompson said in a cold voice, “Three seconds are up, scrap his legs for me!”

        When the many Wade family sidekicks heard this, they looked aghast, no one had expected that Stephen Thompson would have such audacity.

        At this time, Stephen Thompson’s men had already lowered Dexter wade to the ground, and one of them took a golf club and swung it so violently that the metal at the head of the club smashed directly into Dexter wade’s right leg and knee, instantly smashing his knee to pieces!

        Dexter wade wailed in pain, his whole body rolled on the ground in pain, cursing under his breath with gritted teeth, “Stephen Thompson! I …… I’ll f*cking kill you!”

        Stephen Thompson said in a cold voice, “From now on, say one more word and I’ll have someone smash your other knee to pieces!”

        As soon as Stephen Thompson’s words came out, Dexter wade forced himself to hold back the pain and anger and kept his mouth shut.

        The others were also filled with horror, and were basically certain in their hearts that this Stephen Thompson must have completely defected to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, otherwise how could he have the audacity to break the leg of Dexter wade, a member of the Wade family’s side lineage!

        At this moment, Stephen Thompson looked at the crowd and warned in a cold voice, ”Listen to me, all of you! Everyone must kneel down honestly and immediately! Otherwise, they will end up just like Dexter wade!”

        As soon as the others saw this, they could only fall to their knees one after another.

        And everyone’s hearts became even more apprehensive, as everyone wanted to know what the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was going to do to them.

        Immediately afterwards, more and more Wade family sidekicks arrived, and when they arrived, they were immediately asked to kneel on the ground, just like the other Wade family sidekicks.

        By nine o’clock in the morning, more than seven hundred members of the Wade family had all arrived at Wade Ling Mountain.

        And at this moment, the scene of over seven hundred people kneeling in one piece at the foot of Wade Ling Mountain was particularly spectacular.

        What they didn’t know was that at this moment, on Wade Ling Mountain, there was also a ma*s of people kneeling down.

        Wan Bajun had been kneeling here with unparalleled devotion since yesterday, without the slightest distraction.

        Seeing that the kneeling time had already reached 24 hours, he did not get up immediately, but opened his mouth and asked Stephen Thompson’s men beside him, “This gentleman, please ask Steward Stephen if Mr. Wade has any new instructions for us.”

        Stephen Thompson’s subordinate immediately contacted Stephen Thompson before speaking to Wan Bajun, “The young master has not yet arrived in China, there are no new instructions at the moment.”

        “Good.” Wan Bajun nodded gently, slowly stood up and spoke, “All the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple listen to the order!”

        Immediately, a group of Wan Long Hall’s men said respectfully, “My subordinates are here!”

        Wan Bajun said with a firm face, “All of you take the list of names for the ancestor worship ceremony and follow me down the mountain immediately! According to Mr. Wade’s instructions, the people kneeling under the mountain must be made to willingly give half of their family fortune to the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall! But you must remember not to reveal any information related to Mr. Wade, understood?”

        The crowd of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall immediately shouted, “Understood!”

        Wan Bajun nodded in satisfaction and said in a stern voice, “Good! Go down the mountain!”

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