The Real Dragon Chapter 3512

When Wan Bajun led the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and walked down from Wade Ling Mountain in great strides, the members of the side branches of the Wade Family who were kneeling on the ground were by now terrified to their cores.

        They knew nothing of what had happened on Wade Ling Mountain yesterday, only that the Wade Family had bowed to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and had taken out half of their family fortune as compensation.

        And now, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had turned its guns on them.

        In their opinion, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was going after their property.

        At this moment, Wan Bajun’s face was expressionless as he walked in the front, followed by nearly a hundred core generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

        With every step Wan Bajun took closer, the hearts of the members of the Wade family’s side branches became more frightened and nervous.

        Until Wan Bu Jun stood in front of these people, many of them were already trembling with fear.

        Wan Bajun looked at the group of people and looked around the week, then asked in a cold voice, “Do you know why you were told to come back?”

        The group of people lowered their heads nervously, and no one dared to answer.

        Seeing this, Wan Bajun added, “What I, Wan Bajun, detest most in my life is people who are disloyal and unfilial! You are all members of the Wade family’s side line, and you are all blood relatives of the Wade family, but when the Wade family is in trouble, you are the first to scurry away, are you worthy of the help and promotion the Wade family has given you over the years?”

        When the members of the Wade family’s side lineage heard this, they were all full of incomprehension.

        They really couldn’t understand how Wan Bajun could be here, questioning them as to why they were betraying the Wade Family.

        Many of them secretly wondered in their hearts that the reason why they betrayed the Wade Family was because they didn’t want to, and didn’t dare to, make an enemy of Wan Breaking Jun. Such a simple reasoning, didn’t he, Wan Breaking Jun, understand?”

        At this moment, Dexter wade, who had one of his legs broken, said with a flattering face, “Hall Master Wan! We are not disloyal or unrighteous, it’s just that we know the prestige of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and you, Hall Master Wan, and we revere it in our hearts, but who would have thought that the Wade Family would go against you, so we can only choose to stay away from ……”

        Wan Breaking Jun sneered, “You are the first one I have met who can talk about holding his head and running away so justifiably.”

        Dexter wade hurriedly said, “Hall Master Wan! I am also cowed by the majesty of you and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, which is why I do not want to have anything to do with the Wade Family in this matter ……”

        Saying that, he added, “Moreover, back then, Bruce wade did indeed harm your parents, it is only natural for you to come to the Wade family for justice in this matter, if we were to stand with the Wade family, wouldn’t we be an enemy of you and justice?”

        Wan Xiaojun looked at him with a smiling face and asked, “Then according to this meaning of yours, I have to thank you instead.”

        Dexter wade hurriedly shook his head and said, “You have overstated your case, Hall Master Wan, I would be grateful as long as you don’t blame me ……”

        Other members of the Wade family’s side lineage also expressed their agreement, and someone spoke up, “Yes, Hall Master Wan, it is the Wade family’s original family that has a grudge against you, it really has nothing to do with us side lineage, I also beg you to be noble to us, don’t involve us in this ……”

        The others also hurriedly echoed, “Hall Master Wan! Now that you have brought the Wade family to its knees, why do you still have to cross us?”

        As he listened to the pleas of these members of the Wade family, Wan Bajun said with a cold expression, “In my eyes, you and the Wade family are on the same family tree, so you are naturally a family, and since you are a family, you must also take responsibility for the mistakes of the Wade family.”

        Saying that, Wan Bajun said in a cold voice, “Don’t say I didn’t give you guys a chance. As long as you, like the Wade family, obediently take out half of your a*sets, I will not pursue this matter any further! Otherwise, I will make his entire family pay a painful price!”

        As soon as these words came out of Wan Bajun’s mouth, a chorus of wails came from the scene.

        Taking out half of his family’s a*sets was even more ruthless than Zhou Baipi!

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