The Real Dragon Chapter 4961

        Charlie wade pondered for a moment and spoke, “Detective Li, there is no need to investigate these two directions for the time being, this organization can exist for hundreds of years, it must have made multiple firewalls long ago, once any of the firewalls are out of order, it can immediately disconnect all the connections, almost no clues will be left behind.”

        Speaking here, Charlie wade added: “In contrast, we don’t have any firewalls now, just like you said before, once we start to have substantial contact, that contact is bound to be mutual, at that time, the other side will be able to investigate all the people around me as soon as they catch a little clue, I’m not afraid of death, besides, I have enough self-protection ability, but I’m not capable of ensuring that everyone around me won’t be in danger.”

        Hearing this, Li Yalin could not help but ask, “Young Master Wade, then what should we do next? We can’t just stop, can we? It would be hard to make any new progress ……”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Inspector Li, there is another direction we can go deeper.”

        Li Yalin subconsciously asked, “What direction?”

        Charlie wade said, “Keep an eye on the six planes under the name of this Yuantai Express Company!”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “They won’t even dream that this speed transport company as well as these six planes have been exposed, and that’s the biggest advantage we have in our hands at the moment.”

        “As long as they don’t notice the exposure, these six planes will continue to serve this organization, and since the aviation information is all public, every time they move planes in the future, even if they are well disguised, they are all null and void in front of us;”

        “What we need to do is to closely monitor the movements of these six planes, once their planes move, it means they must be doing a movement of people or supplies;”

        “So record the time and location of each plane’s departure, and then track the plane’s destination.”

        Li Yalin immediately said, “No problem Young Master Wade, I will closely monitor the movements of these six planes, once they make a move, I will inform you at the first opportunity!”

        Charlie wade smiled slightly and said, “Let Broken Army arrange for someone to do the surveillance, Detective Li, you will be responsible for sitting at the back and taking command, and by the way, analyze the intelligence that comes through in aggregate, and sort out valuable clues from all the intelligence.”

        “Good!” Li Yalin said without a second thought, “I will work closely with Hall Master Wan!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade smiled with satisfaction, “Then it will be hard for Inspector Li to stay in Syria for a few more days, and have Broken Army prepare a bedroom and an office for you.”

        Wan Jun’s voice came from the other end of the phone, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinates have already made the arrangements! These planes, I have also asked the intelligence officers to keep a close eye on them, according to the latest flight records of these six planes, they are currently located in Singapore, the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, the border city of Mexico, Monterrey, the port city of Nigeria, Lagos, the port city of Cyprus, Larnaca, and the port city of Brazil, Natal.”

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