The Real Dragon Chapter 4962

        Charlie wade frowned slightly and with his memory of the world map, he spoke, “Sri Lanka is in South Asia, Mexico is in North America, Nigeria is in West Africa, Cyprus is in Southern Europe, Brazil is in South America, and Singapore is at the throat of Southeast Asia ……”

        Speaking of this, Charlie wade added: “Except for Singapore, which is a developed country, the remaining five countries, all developing countries and third world countries, should be these countries have more loopholes to exploit in terms of overall control, and these locations are scattered all over the world, either there are their dead soldiers stationed near these places, or they are deliberately scattered layout in order to do mobile dispatching around the globe anytime, anywhere.”

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade asked himself, “But at the moment, the former seems unlikely, after all, when they sent Five-Four-Seven to the United States, they flew from Sri Lanka to Mexico, so if they have dead soldiers near Mexico, they shouldn’t go near and far.”

        Wan Bajun spoke up, “Mr. Wade, I will have people keep an eye on these six planes, and will report to you at the first opportunity if there are any movements!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade said with a smile, “Keep an eye on them for me, tell me once there is a clear movement, if I have a convenient time and place, I can go and give them some surprises then!”

        Wan Breaking Jun exclaimed, “Mr. Wade, didn’t you say that you would not make actual contact for now?!”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “I was hoping that Inspector Li would maintain a no-contact one-sided investigation and not have any substantial contact with the other side during the investigation, as for me, I’m not going to investigate them, I’m going to take them out in one pot.”

        Hearing this, FiveFourSeven said with trepidation, “Wade …… Mr. Wade …… I can a*sure you that almost all of the dead soldiers are not willingly working for them …… I also ask you to please, for the sake of their miserable fate …… Give them a chance to live ……”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “Five Four Seven, if I meet dead soldiers like you, I can give them a chance, but only if they can be used for me.”

        Five-Four-Seven blurted out, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, if you are willing to give a dead soldier a chance to take revenge on the organization, I believe that no dead soldier will refuse to serve you! If you can free them from centuries of chains, they will never hesitate even if they die generously for you!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade said with alacrity, “In that case, then I can give them a chance!”

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Wan Bajun blurted out and said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, I have just received news that one of the Boeing 777s has requested to take off from Larnaca Airport in Cyprus in four hours.”

        Charlie wade asked offhandedly, “Can you see the destination they have applied for?”

        Wan Bajun said, “The destination is the second largest city in Northern Europe, Bergen!”

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