The Real Dragon Chapter 4963

  “Northern Europe?”

        The first thing that came to Charlie wade’s mind when he heard the two words Nordic was Helena Iliad, who had just been crowned as the new king not long ago.

        Charlie wade then asked Wan Bajun, “The Bergen you mentioned, how far is it from the Nordic capital, Osu City?”

        Wan Bajun replied, “Around four hundred kilometres.”

        Hearing this, Charlie wade was slightly relieved.

        Four hundred kilometres, it seemed that the target of that mysterious organisation’s operation this time, should have nothing to do with Helena.

        Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Since it took off from Cyprus, the odds are that it has nothing to do with the Five-Four-Seven compound, it could be another group of dead soldiers.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade asked Wan Bajun, “Bajun, how long does it take for the Boeing 777 to fly from Cyprus to Bergen?”

        Wan Bajun busily said, “Wait a moment, Mr. Wade, I’ll check the map.”

        After saying that, he checked on the computer for a moment and said, “Mr. Wade, the route distance is about four thousand kilometres, counting the take-off and landing, it is estimated that the whole journey will take nearly five hours.”

        “Five hours.” Charlie wade nodded and muttered, “What if we fly from New York to Oso City, the capital of Northern Europe?”

        Wan Bajun marked out the distance on the map and spoke, “Mr. Wade, it’s around six thousand kilometres, seven and a half hours of civil flight.”

        Charlie wade said indifferently, “Six thousand kilometres, if we let the Concorde fly, it would be two and a half hours, and then if we take a helicopter from Oso City, we can reach Bergen in one and a half hours …… It still seems like plenty of time.”

        Wan Breaking Jun exclaimed, “Mr. Wade, are you planning to go to Northern Europe?”

        Charlie wade smiled, “That’s right, I plan to meet them and steal a wave from them, but for the sake of caution, I plan to use a Concorde to fly to Oslo, the capital of Northern Europe, and then transfer to a helicopter to Bergen, but I’m faster and will definitely arrive in Bergen earlier than them.”

        Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, their plane will not take off for another four hours, and the straight line distance between Cyprus and Syria is only about 300 kilometres, so if I fly there from Syria, I will not be too much farther than them, so why don’t I also rush there now and arrive at Oso City in advance to meet you and help you?”

        Charlie wade thought about it and said, “Broken Army, if the other side is still like the last time in New York, they will definitely put the dead soldiers into a coma first and then smuggle them to Northern Europe, which means that they must have a pickup in Northern Europe in addition to the people on the plane, so we absolutely cannot alert the snake at first.”

        After that, Charlie wade said, “However, if we really start fighting, we really need people to clean up the battlefield, so how about this, you take 20 elite soldiers, immediately prepare to take off, first fly straight to Oslo City, after you arrive at Oslo City, immediately scatter and hide, wait for my order, if I need you to take care of the aftermath, I will contact you then, if I do not contact you, you will stay in If I do not contact you, you will stay in Osu for two days and then leave one after another.”

        Immediately, Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I will make the arrangements and leave immediately!”

        From Charlie wade’s point of view, since he was just in time for the other side to make a move, he had to go and find out the truth.

        Although it was impossible for this mysterious organisation and the speed transport company under their command to know that they had been exposed, for the sake of caution, Charlie wade still planned to use the Nordic capital city of Osu to hide the trip and clues.

        After all, aircraft flights and personal entries would all leave records, and although the other side could not possibly know that they had been defeated at the moment, they would certainly notice the anomaly once they had folded more often.

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