The Real Dragon Chapter 4964

        If they look back, they will investigate the clues around each failed mission and follow the trail to find the culprit.

        If there was someone as meticulous as Li Yalin in the other camp, then it was likely that they would focus the clues on themselves a little.

        Therefore, out of caution, Charlie wade planned to ask Helena, who was already sitting on the throne of the Nordic Queen, to help out.

        Although Helena, the Nordic Queen, and the Nordic royal family behind her, was only the mascot of the Nordic people, the royal family was after all the royal family, and even if it was already a constitutional monarchy, the royal family still had some privileges that it should have.

        Therefore, Charlie wade planned that both himself and the generals of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons would first fly to Osu City, have Helena send herself to Bergen silently using the royal family’s channels, and then send Wanbreaker and the others along with them if necessary.

        In this way, all official records of the crowd’s journey from Oso City to Bergen could be hidden, leaving the trail completely disconnected, which should not be difficult for Helena to do.

        So, Charlie wade hung up the phone and called Helena again.

        At this moment, Helena, who was located in Northern Europe, had just come out of a special school accompanied by the royal butler and got into her special car.

        In recent times, Helena has been working hard to increase her exposure to the Nordic public, so she has been organising and participating in various charity events, and today’s event was a visit to a special school to console the disabled children there.

        Helena was sitting in the royal car, a little tired after the event, and was thinking of taking a moment to rest her eyes when her personal mobile phone suddenly vibrated in her handbag.

        She took it out and found that it was Charlie wade who was calling. Her entire exhaustion was instantly swept away and her expression immediately rose to one of anticipation and blushing.

        Helena pressed the answer button and spoke in a somewhat jubilant tone, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

        “Helena.” Charlie wade smiled and asked, “Are you bothered by the call at this time?”

        Helena hurriedly said, “Of course not, Mr. Wade! Any time you call is not a nuisance!”

        “That’s good.” Charlie wade got straight to the point: “Helena, I’m calling because I want to ask you for a favour.”

        Without thinking, Helena said, “Mr. Wade, please speak.”

        Charlie wade asked her, “If I fly straight to Osu City tonight, can you arrange a helicopter to take me to Bergen without leaving any traces?”

        Helena asked with surprise, “Mr Wade, are you coming to Oso City?!”

        Charlie wade hmmed and said, “It’s mainly to Bergen, but it needs to make a stopover in Oso City, but without leaving any traceable traces.”

        Helena immediately said without thinking, “The Nordic royal family has a palace in Bergen, it just so happens that I am going to Bergen to attend a charity event, if you fly to Bergen with me, you will definitely not leave any traces, even the helicopter I am in, will not leave any flight records.”

        Charlie wade did not expect Helena to go to Bergen, so he asked her, “When are you leaving?”

        Helena replied, “Any time I can, as long as I can get to Bergen tomorrow.”

        Having said that, she asked Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, what time will you arrive in Oso City approximately?”

        Charlie wade looked at the time and said, “I’ll take off from Providence in about three hours and be in Oso City in two and a half hours.”

        Helena said, “That’s almost ten o’clock in the evening, Osu time, so I’ll be waiting for you in Osu. If you are not in a hurry to go to Bergen right away, you can stay at the palace for one night first, and if you are in a hurry, we can fly there by helicopter overnight.”

        Charlie wade immediately said, “Then let’s go straight there!”

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