The Real Dragon Chapter 4981

        Charlie wade sneered, “Are you primus guards like the dead soldiers, who must take the antidote regularly?”

        The man at the head of the group looked at Charlie wade and laughed miserably, “Since you know about dead soldiers, then it seems that the group of dead soldiers in New York before, also died at your hands?”

        Charlie wade laughed, “It seems that you are not stupid.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade asked him, “About this organization, how much do you know?”

        The man at the head of the group said in a cold voice, “Not much I know, but even so, I won’t tell you anything!”

        Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “Are you really not going to tell me?”

        “That’s natural!” The man at the head of the group coldly snorted, “I am loyal to Lord Ying and will never do anything to betray him ……”

        Charlie wade didn’t wait for him to finish his words, he suddenly rushed forward with a step and grabbed his upper and lower jaws with a fierce force, only to hear a click, something seemed to shatter in his mouth, and immediately afterwards, his whole body convulsed violently.

        Charlie wade guessed correctly, although this man was not a dead soldier, there were still dentures filled with venom in his mouth, and at the critical moment, as long as they were bitten, the venom would flow into their bellies along their mouths, causing them to die without a sound.

        Only, the difference this time was that Charlie wade had actually helped him bite through that denture directly.

        Seeing that he was already showing signs of poisoning, Charlie wade sneered disdainfully and said, “Do your best to serve your British master, don’t rush to reincarnate when you get there, maybe it won’t be long before I send him down to meet you, then you can still continue to saddle him.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade suddenly realised something and sighed, “Oops, sorry, I forgot that you have never met that Ying Lord, even if I send him down, you may not be able to recognise him.”

        At this moment, Charlie wade said with a helpless expression, “How about this, when the time comes, I will have someone carve the word Ying Lord on his head, so that you can easily identify him with him!”

        The eyes of the man at the head of the group were wide as he stared at Charlie wade, unable to understand in his wildest dreams why Charlie wade was so sure that he could finish off Lord Ying!

        Feeling that the venom had already reached his internal organs, his entire tone was very broken as he said, “You …… You …… You just …… For …… Why don’t …… no more …… Don’t ask me again …… You …… You ask me again …… Once more …… I’ll …… I’ll tell you ……”

        Charlie wade said disdainfully, “I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you, you haven’t even seen the face of that Ying master, and you are out on a mission, and your mouth has to carry dentures filled with poison, from these two points you can see that you are just a trash little head in this organization, I think these seven people next to you, may not know less than you, after you die, I can still ask them! “

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